Pleitez staffer offends West Covina council members

A staffer working on the campaign for a “26-year-old idealist from East LA” got a bit of a tongue lashing by West Covina council members on Tuesday after he used an emotional discussion about potential employee layoffs as a campaign pitch for Emanuel Pleitez, who is running for the 32nd Congressional seat.

JC Stiassni spoke on behalf of Pleitez during the public comment portion of a meeting. His comments were sandwiched in with comments by employees who were upset with a resolution that was proposed by Mayor Roger Hernandez to protect public safety employees from layoffs. His resolution did not offer the protection to non-public safety employees, and it was the non-sworn officers who spoke in fear of losing their jobs.

Then comes Stiassni, wanting to tell a story about Emanuel. Wasting the public comment time to campaign didn’t sit well with Councilman Mike Touhey, who was especailly vocal about how insensitive it was for Stiassni to use this time to campaign.

Press Secretary Emily Dulcan said that speaking at public meetings is one of the several political strategies that they have taken on in getting the word out about Pleitez. But in hindisght, she said, it probably wasn’t the best time to bring it up.

“On behalf of the campaign I want to express my apologies for the insensitivity that may have been portrayed,” Duncan said. “In no way did we mean to offend the participants.”