West Covina employees fear job loss


At last week’s city council meeting, about 10 West Covina city employees expressed their angst after seeing an item placed on the agenda to protect the jobs and contracts of public safety employees.

Problem is that the item, put on the agenda by Mayor Roger Hernandez, didn’t make any mention of the non-sworn employees — and it is their contracts who are up in June. Public safety employees’ contracts aren’t up until 2010.

Hernandez said that he only put the item on there because “95 percent” of the comments he heard from employees fearing their jobs came from public safety, and he later said that he would have no problem adding non-public safety employees to his resolution.

The whole thing was sparked after City Manager Andrew Pasmant held informal discussions with city employees to discuss ways employes and departments could account for savings as the city expects to face a $9 million deficit. 

In the end, the council voted down Hernandez’s resolution, and also accused him of being devisive and politicizing the issue.


  • Again and Again

    So here we go again, Roger H. is always up to something. Looks like he’s trying to gain favor with someone or some group. But oops while he’s being tricky and manipulative looks like he made a boo boo with all the rest of the employees that like their jobs too. Oh I know, the rest of the employees endorsements don’t much matter to him. Everyone sees thru you Roger H. It doesnt take a genius.

  • WC Galmvr

    Hernandez is a bad person. Cant trust this man.

  • WC Resident

    This guy is amazing. He has a criminal record, is being investigated by the DA and FPPC. He is dividing our great city!

    Hernandez, you can not fool us. You are trying to gain political points at the expense of us, the workers!

    You are a powerless Mayor and can not get any agenda passed. Good luck, you will not win re-election.

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez grandstanding or trying to seems to have backfired. Perhaps he will come up with some new idea to look like fool. good luck dude, your city has a deficit and your city manager looks like he’s trying to keep the ship afloat and workers employed. you on the other hand just want to grandstand at anyones expense. Next time you’ll come up with some new scheme to grandstand and you’ll still look like a fool.

  • West Covina Insider

    Hernandez was served with a 3 million dollar lawsuit this week. His actions towards the employees of the City will cost residents millions to defend. The man is bad!!

  • Roger is corrupt

    Attention WC residents!

    Roger Hernandez was served!

    $3 million lawsuit will cost us, the reidents thousands…to defend. His actions of abuse and sexual assault have come back to haunt him and cost us, the taxpayers.