Morning round up

Food pantry at the San Gabriel Unified School District will be evicted to make way for a fitness center, Amanda Baumfeld reports.

Of the 10 local San Gabriel Valley cities that are members of the National League of Cities, only Claremont, Duarte and Baldwin Park participate in the organization’s free prescription drug discount plan. Read more.

No West Covina employee, including those in public safety, will be immune from job losses. Read more.

Local travel agencies are reporting a slowdown in trips to Mexico because of fears from the swine flu. Read more.

Azusa library staff tosses out 600 books. Read more.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very curious about this prescription drug plan. Rosemead is a member of the NLC. Maggie Clark spends thousands of Rosemead tax dollars to attend these meetings every year. I wonder why she never comes back with something useful, like information on how she could save Rosemead taxpayers money on their prescription drugs?

    Seems to me Rosemead taxpayers aren’t getting much benefit out of all the money we’re forced to spend for Maggie to take junkets all over the country.

  • Rosemead taxpayer

    If the prescription drug plan doesn’t cost the cities anything and my city is a member of the National League of Cities, then why hasn’t my city signed us up? What are we paying the dues for? Why are we paying for Maggie Clark to attend all of these meetings?

    Stupid politicians like Maggie Clark just use these meetings as excuses to go on taxpayer-funded vacations. She’s supposed to be using these trips to benefit Rosemead, but I’m not seeing any benefit. She never even bothered to tell us about a FREE program like this! Why does she keep getting reelected if she never does anything for Rosemead?