Voting districts and TELACU

West Covina City Council is meeting tonight. Among the items of interest are:

— The staff finished its report about the ballot measure to divide the city into voting districts. The council will discuss the findings and file the report tonight. Among the many items addressed in the report are the fiscal impacts, effect on the city’s general and specific plans and effect on land use.

— The Community Development Commission, which is really just the City Counicl members, will vote tonight on partnering with TELACU on an affordbale senior housing project. TELACU is purchasing a 24-unit condo complex that has since been abandoned because the former company couldn’t afford to finish it. West Covina will provide an $8.6 million loan to TELACU.

Click here for complete agenda.

  • Crooks!

    Great! TELACU comes to West Covina…bad idea.

    TELACU is known for its “mafia” ties in the Mexican community with crooked attempts to skirt the laws and apply their own. Very dangerous bunch!

  • WC Mayor Corrupt

    Sounds like Roger Hernandez and his corrupt cronies are up to no good.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, all by himself he gets the other four to. . . Oh, wait, he can’t get the other four to do anything that they don’t already want to do!

    I guess WC loser should stop and think before posting!

  • Anonymous

    Roger Hernandez is bringing in his Telacu buddies under the instruction of Gil Cedillo.

  • WC Resident

    Mr or Mrs Anonymous,
    I would suggest you look at the 460 forms of the current council. The owner of Telacu donated the maximum to Touhey, Lane, and Sanderson not Hernandez. Also, Hernandez is backing Judy Chu not Cedillo. Telacu is based in Montebello as is our City Attorney Alvarez-Glasman. The owner is a long time friend of his. I would suggest you get the facts straight before you post.

  • Just the Facts

    WC Resident Telacu is based in East Los Angeles not Montebello and Alvarez-Glasman is based in City of Industry not Montebello and I believe the entire West Covina City Council endorsed Judy Chu. Telacu is a non profit it’s not owned by an individual, Telacu Industries is a for profit. Telacu is one of the largest affordable housing non profit developers in the country. The Chairman of the Board use to live in West Covina and the President went to both West Covina High and South Hills High. Sounds like a person from the hometown got a project, great!!!

  • anonymous

    Hmmmmm….didn’t City Attorney Alvarez-Glasman represent the owner of TELACU in his recent legal problems related to drunk driving? Could this be considered some form of conflict of interest?

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez is currently under investigation by the FPPC for illegal campaign contributions and supporting Cedillo. No surprise there.

  • anonymous

    Is there any politician in California that is not under “investigation” by the FPPC? The FPPC is one big paper tiger, they investigate everyone, do little but levythe occasional fine and have done NOTHING to stop the conflicts that exist between special interests and politicians in California.

  • Just the Facts

    anonymous The Chairman of the Board of Telacu is David Lizzarga, I think you are wrong about that. Mr. Lizzarga is also I believe, the Chair of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

  • Blown’ smoke

    hey WC resident, I found the facts that “just the facts” presented pretty interesting. Makes you look like a fool. Oh and to further your foolishness, I did look at the 460’s and did not see any campaign donations from TELECU. But if there was, don’t businesses donate to people sometimes?

    It’s strange how people try to blanket all elected people as being bad, yes there are some that are really bad, but I know some and they are good honest people. Lets not make up stuff just because you are a hater.