Earth Day in La Puente

Louie Lujan is circulating this e-mail about the success of La Puente’s Earth Day celebration:

The City of La Puente’s Earth Day 2009 was a huge success!

Over 400 volunteers cleaned over 10,000 linear feet and 20,000 square feet
of graffiti removal throughout the City. Over 500 trash bags and 3 large
dumpsters were filled.

A press release about it can be viewed here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m soon to be unemployed. I wonder if La Puente is willing to hire a proof reader?

  • Another Anonymous

    Anonymous, sorry you’re unemployed, you definitely should look into that proof reader job at the city, they need one!

  • How Embarassing!

    How embarassing to have this released! And to have the City’s logo and the CMs name on there!

    But one cannot expect quality from good ol’ LP could you?

  • La Puente Earth Day Volunteer, Church of Latter Day Saints

    I was a volunteer with this group from our local church. Thanks to the Mayor, Council and staff for having an Earth Day!

    The group that I was in was able to clean up a major portion of Old Valley and Main Street. Great day and a great cause.

    Kudos to La Puente!

    (by the way, we saw no typos)

  • Assembly Wanna Be Lujan!

    Louie Lujan is doing everything humanly possible to get the message out, because in reality he is running for Assembly. Free publicity for himself…typical.

    It is time to tell career politicians to get a life and let others serve!

  • Pastor R D Frazier, Church of Latter Day Saints

    I want to take a moment to thank the City of La Puente for their efforts. What a wonderful and blessed activity for our community. Our congregation look forward to next year!

    God Bless,

  • Resident on Hacienda

    Thank You, Thank You very much!!! I live off Blvd. and saw all the cleaning going on up and down Hacienda Blvd. The sidewalks look much better The Church of Latter Day Saints did a great job. Thanks to the Council for putting this event on for our City.

  • New resident of La Puente

    Oh my goodness, you guys did a tremendous job cleaning up the ivy all along Temple. Godbless you all for your work to make our city streets beautiful. 🙂

  • Resident

    La Puente look great. A community came together. They did a wonderful job. Now that’s leadership.

  • Ross

    This was a great event that appeared to be well organized and staff driven. I saw Mayor Lujan, Councilman Dan Holloway and Water Board Rep. Ed Chavez at the event, but where was the rest of the City Council and other elected officials? We all worked hard, had fun and did something good for our City. For those who do nothing but complain, maybe you can join us next time?

  • anonymous

    Hmmmmm? that is great that “volunteers” came together to clean up their town, but wouldn’t it be great if the city leaders simply had used your taxdollars effectively to do that all along?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to take anything away from the volunteers who helped clean up the community, but. . .
    A “Pastor” from the “Church of Latter Day Saints”? I guess I figured the church rep would more likely be a “bishop” of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

    Just wondering.

  • Pastor R D Frazier

    I am a Pastor form the Church of Latter Day Saints. I have not yet reached the level of Bishop.

  • Anonymous

    Then I guess unaffiliated with the Church that’s based in Salt Lake. My bad.

  • LP resident

    Thank you Pastor Frazier and your congregation for being good neighbors and lending a hand to make our community look alot nicer. Our community is blessed to have such good people as neighbors and friends. Thanks You.

  • Pastor R D Frazier

    God Bless La Puente.