Feisty fliers

With 12 days until the election, the fists, well, fliers, are coming out. And in some cases, these fliers are just downright entertaining. Here is the latest one sent by Betty Tom Chu – who dropped the Tom for this election – attacking Judy Chu.


(If you have recently received a flier from any candidate, send it in and we’ll get it on the blog.)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…I have it in my hands…no paid by disclaimer, no FEC number.

  • anonymous

    Gosh I just looked up lack of integrity in the dictionary….there was a picture of Betty Tom Chu and of course, Gil Cedillo had his arm around her.

  • Joe Gonsalves

    Anonymous, you forgot something…..”there was a picture of Betty Tom Chu and of course, Gil Cedillo had his arm around her” and they were both standing on that bottom feeder Judy Chu :}

  • Joe Gonsalves

    Anonymous, you need to man up here dude (or woman )’cause you don’t know a thing about Betty Chu and your post clearly shows your lack of information on the candidates. Betty has been great for Monterey Park and she will be great in Congress when she gets elected!

    So man up or shut up!

  • anonymous

    Well Joe you are quite articulate indeed….I am not sure how you want me to “man up”, but I am not to worried about the job Betty might do in Congress – since there isn’t a chance in hell she will get elected!

    Her attempt to confuse voters and try to pull votes from Judy Chu would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Maybe Betty has been great for Monterey Park, that is if you like a sea of poorly developed condos, and other high(no super high) density projects.

    You could put all of her accomplishments on a pin head and there would be room left over. I wonder what Cedillo promised her to get her to throw her hat in the ring???

  • Consultant Speaks?

    Mr. Gonsalves: Do you work for a consulting firm dipping money from various local governments? Now, you have the nerve to posts stuff online.

    Get a real job like the rest of us and stop dipping into the taxpayers pockets. Geez….

  • just an average voter

    Is Gonsalves the same one that runs the lobbying firm in Sacramento that has a contract with Monterey Park?

    I wonder if Monterey Park will get billed for his support of Betty?

  • Anonymous

    Betty is a total joke. She just got elected to the city council. It just goes to show who little she thinks of the voters. She is most definetly being put up to run against Judy by Cedillo’s people. Betty is not that bright at all. She has lost all respect by her own community. Who does she think that she is kidding? Keep your butt in Monterey Park. Do the job that you were elected to do. The mere thought of you running for Congress makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Joe Gonsalves

    Hummmm…..Since Anonymous won’t reveal who he or she really is, I wonder who really is the consultant here….

    As for me, I’m just a voting working stiff trying to make ends meet for my family, while trying to make some sense of this budget hole the State seems to have gotten itself into by its insistence on overspending.

    Lets see what happens on election day……


    My family and I are sorry that we voted for Betty,What’s her name. What does her driver’s license read, her income and property tax papers and utility bills? What name does she go by? She just happen to change, or add on Chu for this election. She has no intention of seriously running for the open congressional seat. She has been influenced by Gil Cedillo to take votes away from Judy Chu as A Chu, not a real candidate at all. No ones fooling the people. That is for sure. Betty’s hit piece on Judy only hurts her credibility. It is done in bad taste, just like her.