If you ask Cedillo, Pleitez is a “party animal”

Sen. Gil Cedillo is getting quite a (negative) reaction from the recent round of mailers he sent out attacking 32nd Congressional Candidate Emanuel Pleitez, the 26-year-old from East Los Angeles.

Dante Atkins, the Political Director of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats, which endorsed Cedillo, writes (if you go to the Web site, scroll down to the May 6 post) that he doesn’t think it’s a good sign for Cedillo’s campaign that he is going after a “minor candidate.”

Atkins, who is also 26, also is offended that Cedillo’s mailer seems to be knocking Pleitez for being young and using the Internet like many young people do.

He concludes by saying, “This is really a low blow, and smacks of desperation to have to resort to this.”

Cedillo grabbed some photos from Pleitez’s Facebook page, like this one: