If you ask Cedillo, Pleitez is a “party animal”

Sen. Gil Cedillo is getting quite a (negative) reaction from the recent round of mailers he sent out attacking 32nd Congressional Candidate Emanuel Pleitez, the 26-year-old from East Los Angeles.

Dante Atkins, the Political Director of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats, which endorsed Cedillo, writes (if you go to the Web site, scroll down to the May 6 post) that he doesn’t think it’s a good sign for Cedillo’s campaign that he is going after a “minor candidate.”

Atkins, who is also 26, also is offended that Cedillo’s mailer seems to be knocking Pleitez for being young and using the Internet like many young people do.

He concludes by saying, “This is really a low blow, and smacks of desperation to have to resort to this.”

Cedillo grabbed some photos from Pleitez’s Facebook page, like this one:

  • Anonymous

    Emanuel Pleitez is an idiot for posting images like this on Facebook. One would think he would be mature enough to know that these websites are commonly referenced by employers in order to look into the character of a potential employee.

    Don’t shoot the messenger (Cedillo’s campaign). Perhaps this indicates that Emanuel Pleitez is too young and immature to hold the office of a United States Congressman.

    When you run for political office your life becomes an open book. This is something young Master Pleitez is obviously learning the hard way.

  • Villiage Idoit

    Gil Cedillo will say and do anything to try and help his sinking ship.

    When in doubt, go negative right Gil?

  • anonymous

    Hey if you blow up the image of Pleitez, I think you will see Gil Cedillo in the background sipping on a Martini from Nick’s Martini Bar…..of course, paid for with campaign donations.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Emanuel! You have obviously made a strong enough impact in scaring Cedillo in this campaign that he felt it was necessary to attack you. You should view this as a big success for a first time candidate – now don’t get me wrong I will not be voting for you but not based on this. I will be supporting JUDY Chu because she is the best candidate for the 32nd. However, Emanuel you should consider running for Cedillo’s Senate seat when he is termed out – the only issue is you may be accused of being just like him and looking for any available elected job he could find. Pretty sad Gil when you have to attack such a minor candidate – your campaign and polling numbers must be as low as the tactics you have decided to use.

  • Capitol Insider

    You should hear the Cedillo story about the hooker, it similar to the Ed Chavez one. Rumor has it that piece will be dropping soon. Documents and sealed police reports now reopened. Let’s say this should put a dent in his campaign. This is what happens when you get into personal attacks “Hon.” Senator Cedillo. You got to love Los Angeles politics.

  • Anonymous

    Capitol Insider,

    Get off the crack pipe bro!! All police reports are public record. There is no such thing as a sealed report.

    There is no story…..Move on to something a little more believable.

  • Idiot Anonymous

    In certain communities, where a politician has the power and certain police report documents are definitely sealed, which are widely known in political circles.

    Therefore, cry and weep when the hit piece hits the mailboxes throughout the 32nd CD as we get closer to the May 19th election date.

  • Nick

    Emanuel Pleitez did not post any of these photos on his facebook page. They were stolen off of his friends pages.

    If you look at all the photos,(http://www.calitics.com/diary/8783/cedillo-goes-strong-negativeon-emanuel-pleitez)
    they are taken out of context, don’t show him doing anything outside of hanging out with friends and having a beer, and make racial and immature inferences.

    Read the flier for yourself, and then decide whether or not it is a fair and “mature” Cedillo that you see in this attack mailer.

  • Capitol Insider

    What the hell is Leo doing posting blogs up?

  • Anonymous

    Idiot Anonymous

    Not anymore SH#@ for brains. Perhaps 20 years ago not today. Do your homework before you make an idiot out of yourself on this blog. No elected official has that power. Don’t you think Marion Berry the ex-mayor of Washington D.C would have played that card if it were so readily available?

  • Pleitez is plain dumb…if even those pics where stolen, why are they online in the first place?? He still could have filtered his friends’ photos (even the untagged photos), which is what he should have done in the first place. Many of the other candidates have a facebook page, too, (including Gil) but you don’t see them irresponsibly allowing incriminating photos to be posted.

  • dumb da dumb dumb

    Pleitez is plain dumb…if even those pics where stolen, why are they online in the first place?? He still could have filtered his friends’ photos (even the untagged photos), which is what he should have done in the first place. Many of the other candidates have a facebook page, too, (including Gil) but you don’t see them irresponsibly allowing incriminating photos to be posted.

  • Anonymous

    The pictures, by themselves, are nothing. Who cares if the guy goes (or went) to parties, or has (or had) a few beers. No one does.

    It’s the flyer that tries to MAKE them bad. The “party animal” tag line; the other disparaging remarks.

    Cedillo just burned a plethora of bridges by sending this out (or supporting it).

    The line “hey nerdy guys want to have fun” or whatever—that was just a dick move.

    Thug mentality.


  • Anonymous

    dumb da dumb dumb,

    I just got off Cedillo’s facebook. No such incriminating pictures there!!

  • Anonymous

    Villiage Idoit,

    Your name speaks volumes….You better get out and phone bank or precinct walk. The 10-15 knuckleheads on this blog are not going to win the election for your candidate.

  • CR

    Gil Cedillo is running scared as he should be! He is the backer of drivers license for illegals he is a thoughtless idiot!

    “State Sen. Gil Cedillo on Tuesday called on Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to sign his bill to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses”
    by Aurelio Rojas – Sacramento Bee
    What is so irresponsible about dancing and drinking beer? This just shows that he is human and liked to have a little fun, geez.

  • Anonymous

    “dumb da dumb dumb,

    I just got off Cedillo’s facebook. No such incriminating pictures there!!”

    Come on now, let’s compare apples to apples. Cedillo’s “facebook page”is a political construct that I’m sure is closely monitored, scrutinized and used solely for as an outreach tool by his campaign and staffers. It’s not a true representation of his “life.” Want to know Cedillo? Let’s look at his personal photo albums in his house, interview his spurned lovers, and the people he’s shook down for cash.

    To compare EP’s facebook page, which, on the other hand, is an ACTUAL networking tool, something that is a part of him (as it is for ALL millenials), and tells a part of his story–unabridged and without the intent to feign connection with the millenial generation.

    Let’s be real here. In American politics there is the construct or image, and there is the actual person. For some time now, these two things are very different and have very little to do with each other. The “image” of a politician is so disconnected from the “person” of the politician because they’ve become adept at showing one thing while being another. Why do we accept this? So because Gil Cedillo is more adept at HIDING his dirt and youthful indescretions, we should find him to be a better representative for us? That seems like faulty logic to me.

    For example, when Harry Ford, Jr. ran for Senate they made a big deal about him going to a playboy party for the superbowl. His response? “I like girls and football and I make no apologies for that.” Bravo. Why should that crap matter? Especially when you have Republican Senators railing on and on about family values, meanwhile they’re playing footsy with dudes in airport bathrooms trying to score some homosexual love.

    These pictures may say, “Pleitez goes out and has fun.” Or “Pleitez drinks socially.” So f’n what. We need to reject the idea of the poliician construct or image, and embrace the real person. This sort of petty crap needs to be ignored, and those who try to use it as a weapon should be punished at the polls.

    I say Cedillo’s spending habits that were reported in the Times says more about him, than these pictures do about EP.

    Let’s stop rewarding Politicians who’ve mastered the art of Brand and Image management, and start rewarding those candidates that are about substance—even if they go to the Playboy Mansion for Superbowl parties, or have a good time with their friends.

  • Anonymous


    Since the inception of cars and drivers licenses in the state of California, all people living and working in the State were able to apply for a drivers license (DL). It did not matter what your immigration status was.

    The system worked fine and all Californians went to the DMV for their license to drive. That was until the politics of hate and race reared its ugly head. We can thank our infamous Governer Pete Wilson for that one–My best guess is he assumed that if illigal immigrants did not have a DL they would all return home.

    Guess what? They did not and they still drive. They just jaunt down to McArthur park and purchase a fake one. Forget about insuraunce because you can’t legally purchase any without a government issued DL.

    Listen people, if you really want to solve the problem take away their jobs!! Fire your maid, nanny, gardener, handyman and pool cleaner. Stop going to hotels and dining in restaurants that hire these people. Taking away there jobs will force them to return home–taking away their drivers license’s is only a minor inconvenience.

  • Anonymous

    And a safety hazard. Make illegals study and learn the rules of the road like everybody else. Give them the right to drive but force them to purchase at least liabilty insuraunce by increasing the fees.

    These people are not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Anonymous


    I agree with you regarding drivers licenses for all people living in California. As a law enforcement officer I have found that plenty of tax payer money is wasted when dealing with illegal immigrants who drive without a license. The only thing Pete Wilson did when he mandated that all drivers be U.S. citizens was create a major market for illegal diver license vendors, the inability for illegal immigrants to purchase auto insuraunce, and create a market for $600 dollar “throwaway cars” which are impounded for thirty days. These cars never get picked up from the tow yards because the storage fees outweigh the actual cost of the car. These cars in turn get sold to other illegals by the tow yard and the vicious cycle continues. Not a bad business if you own a tow yard.

    More importantly, if everybody possessed a legal drivers license it would certainly make our jobs a whole lot easier as we would be able to more readily identify the person with whom we are dealing with. So much time is wasted trying to figure out the identity of a person who refuses to give you their name, has no identification, or has 10 different aliases.

    When I hear the term illegal it leads one to believe that a wrong deed is being done and one would be subject to arrest. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, nobody is going to arrest these people because our economy cannot afford it. Give them a frickin license for the sake of public safety and let’s move on.

    Once this country gets serious about controlling our borders then we should revisit the issue. In the interim let’s not pretend they are going to go somewhere other than to work.

  • fsl

    Cedillo and Chu believe the 32nd district is a plum owed to them for years of operating by the rules a clunky, outdated (with some cogs being outright corrupt ala Fabian Nunez who quit his elected post to work as a consultant for the Republicans) Democratic Party Political Machine.

    Pleitez and his supporters may be young “partiers” but they are educated, prepared, disciplined and highly motivated to work hard to bring on change for the majority has been left out by the Machine.

    Chu and Cedillo have some done some notable legislative work but like Nunez they want to leave their elected office at a time that the State of California is experiencing a recurrent budget crisis.

    Give me a break! If this isn’t cowardly opportunism I don’t know what is.

    I say all power to Pleitez and his supporters! Let’s all go party with them on election day.

  • Anonymous

    That goes to show people that Pleitez is just as normal and human as the next young man his age.

    Pleitez I support you, keep one keeping it real!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Emanuel the pictures circulating the internet show how immature you are. I have not made up my mind who i will be voting for yet. I will definately not be voting for a 26 year old who is flashing gang signs. ok lets be realistic maybe you are not a gangster, which means that you shouldnt be flashing those signs. In one of your pictures one of your friends is flasing the Westside sign; i think those pictures demostrate how immature you are. I will definately wont be voting for you. You are too young; no real life experiences. The only job that you have held in your life has been for a year after college. You did serve on the obama’s transition team for the treasury for a month. I dont think those experiences give you any substantial experience. One last thing, i dont think that putting on your campaign website that you are engaged to someone who graduated from law school, La Verne, and who is the daughter of immigrant parents is any special. Being immigrant is not unique in California; its part of our history, our present and will be part of our future. I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR YOU!

  • H

    I’d like to back Pleitez. Anyone read the Times expose on Cedillo? Talking about having fun. At least Pleitez does it on his own dime. Cedillo does it at the expense of the taxpayers. If you vote for him, you deserve him until the FBI gets him. Anonymous two

  • LL

    Gil Cedillo. People like you hurt the Latino community. You make me sick for desperately attacking your opponent with false information. Your actions tell me that you are playing with the minds of those Latinos who are not able to research what you say about Pleitez. Cedillo go to hell. Also, Chinga tu Madre!

  • Anonymous

    Both of you are the pitts. You make all politicians look bad. Ok…worst! Keith one of you will do at all. Especially by the nasty mouthed backers who stick up for you. My family and I are not going to support any of you. You have turned us off. We are looking for another representative. Maybe Teresa Hernandez.

  • SGV Insider

    Anonymous 9:16,

    Go ahead, flush your vote down the toilet (that is what a Hernandez vote is, considering the 2-1 Dem makeup of the district). OOooooooooh, you showed us! Way to make a statement. Tell you what, why don’t you make a real statement: write in Ronald McDonald on your ballot. That’s just as good!

  • We Have Worked Hard to Get to This Point

    Fellow Americans of Latino Descent,

    If having Latino representation in Washington D.C. is important to you, please read on.

    Pleitez cannot win this election!!

    He may be a fresh face; however, he has zero experience. He should try his hand at the City or State level and learn the political ropes first. Washington D.C. will eat up a political neophyte with only a few years of corporate work experience under his belt. His website and campaign mailers indicate SIX MONTHS served working on the Obama transition team. DOING WHAT????? If he were a true Stanford hotshot or that entrenched in the Obama administration don’t you think they would have offered him a job? Most certainly!!

    Voting for Pleitez is a wasted vote. He cannot and will not win. The lack of name recognition and/or experience will be his downfall. Do your homework my friends. This is a two horese race. CEDILLO and CHU. A vote for Pleitez is a vote for Chu.

    If you are comfortable with that–then say goodbye to a latino congressional seat in Washington D.C……We will never get it back!!

    We have a wonderful candidate in Senator Cedillo who we know will represent all working class men and women in the San Gabriel Valley.

    If the experts are correct, expect some republican rhetoric targeting latinos as a scapegoat for our current economic situation. Ask yourselves this fundamental question? How important will it be to have a guy like Gil Cedillo on the Congressional floor defending us as the hard-working families that we are.

    Just a little something to ponder while contemplating your vote.

  • Angry Latino

    Ladies and Gents, the post above is the reason I can not vote for Cedillo. The campaign and candidate feel as they are entitled to this seat just because Cedillo is “Latino.” It really bugs me that when a cedillo supporter knocked on my door and told be we need to keep Latino representation in congress. I never post on these blogs but I’ve wanted to express myself about this election! A young man from the Chu campaign and a young woman from the Pleitez campaign also knocked on my door were nice and knew the issues. I have yet to make up my mind between the two. Living in Covina, I have not seen a more aggressive campaign from all ends. You can count my wife and I will be voting. I encourage all to read up on the candidates, Chu or Pleitez would be a great choice.

    God Bless,
    Angry Latino

  • Anonymous

    Angry Latino,

    You missed the whole purpose of this post! Pleitez can’t win and Judy Chu could not represent the working class men and women of our district as well as Gil Cedillo. Although a very nice woman, Chu would get eaten alive in D.C.

    Cedillo is a proven commodity who is not afraid to “do battle” regardless of how unpopular an issue may be or because of negative political implications. Hell, this guy has spent years fighting for undocumented people living and working in the State of California who can’t even vote for him.

    This is not about being entitled. This is about the BEST and most qualified candidate in the race who so happens to be latino.

    I agree with you on one thing “I encourage all to read up on the candidates”. Cedillo is by far the best suited to serve the people of the diverse communities that make up the 32nd district.

    You should have stopped reading when prompted– I said: “If having Latino representation in Washington D.C. is important to you, please read on”. It is clear that having a latino in D.C. is not important to you; however to many latinos it is.

    Pleitez can’t win and Chu will not represent us as well as Gil Cedillo.

  • El Gato Malo

    Anon, YOU’RE missing the point of the Angry Latino. Being asked to vote for or against a candidate based upon their race IS racist. If your guy is so qualified, then talk abou this qualification, don’t write a “letter” to “Americans of Latino Descent.”

    Doing things that are politically unpopular is only useful if the thing is objectively good. Taking campaign money and spending on yourself is politically unpopular, but not objectively good. Lying and slandering your opponents with mailers is politically unpopular, but not objectively good.

    If you don’t want people criticizing your behavior, don’t do ethically questionable things. And don’t attack your opponents with manufactured “scandals.” Stop using headlines that have nothing to do with your opponents, and stop taking pictures and twisting their meaning.

    I guarantee you that after your guy loses, the next Representative from the 32nd District, whether Chu or Pleitez, isn’t going to be there to help him make any sort of political comeback. Don’t count on any help from the party or the unions, either. You’ve burned your bridges.

  • Anonymous

    El Gato Malo,

    Utilizing your faulty logic–If I were a senior citizen who posted a message to “my fellow senior citizens” I would be guilty of ageism right?

    It was only a message to my fellow latinos asking them to vote for the best candidate–who by the way, happens to be latino.

    I stand by my words, “Chu could not represent the working class men and women of our district as well as Gil Cedillo. Although a very nice woman, Chu would get eaten alive in D.C.”

    I seriously didn’t mean to get your panties all bunched up!!

  • anonymous

    Why didn’t you send the letter to “your fellow Americans” instead of your fellow latinos? The implication is clear, vote for Cedillo because he is latino not because he is qualified! Heck, he can’t claim any qualifications beyond his long standing career of rewarding his political buddies, family members and big campaign donors….this guy is bad for all Americans and especially for Latinos!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous May 14, 2009 2:34 PM,

    What rock did you crawl out from under? Latino voters are Americans!!

    You obviously have not followed Cedillo’s political career. His legislative career is much more impressive than Chu’s. If you did your homework you would know this. Your above statement only proves that the 30 second sound bite is alive and well in American politics.

    Cedillo is clearly the best candidate for the 32nd District. Anybody who heard the debate or community forum could clearly see that.

    Judy Chu is much too passive to take on the shark tank that makes up the Congressional floor.

    Trust me fellow 32nd district voters, Cedillo is the only candidate who will represent your interests lock, stock, and barrel.

  • anonymous

    Oh that is funny…Cedillo’s legislative career is “impressive”. I guess if milking the system to benefit his own interests and pandering to big lobbying groups in exchange for their campaign dollars equals “impressive” then Cedill is impressive indeed.

  • El Gato Malo

    Yes, Cedillo staffer, if you wrote a letter to older Americans to vote for or against a candidate solely because he or she was old, that would be age-ism, and it would be just as stupid as saying to vote for someone because he’s Latino. And, yes, your appeal *is* strictly based on race. Otherwise, why did you write, “Say goodbye to a latino congressional seat in Washington D.C……We will never get it back!!”

    The idea that ethnic background somehow makes a person qualified (or unqualified) for a job is un-American and repugnant.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous May 15, 2009 9:18 AM

    Do your homework and look at how many quality bills he has effectively passed. His bills have helped the very people that make up the 32nd district. policemen, firefighters, nurses, doctors, union families, hotel and restaurant workers and veterans. These are obviously the BIG lobbying groups of which you speak. I therefore will agree with you–Cedillo is guilty as charged. Our district needs a proven leader in D.C. and of all the people in this race, NOBODY can do it as well as Gil can.

  • Anonymous

    El Gato Malo,

    You are officially stupid!! Why is it that everbody who defends Cedillo– you categorize as a Cedillo staffer. For the umpteenth time, you are wrong

    You know as well as I do that there is not a better qualified candidate in the race. Republicans and democrats in D.C. would have a field day “telling Judy Chu what she was going to vote for”.

    Now is not the time for the 32nd Congressional district to send a shy, meek and mild representative who is uncomfortable around her own constituents to Washington.

    We need a representative who is a proven leader and not afraid to “tough it out” with the most seasoned of congressmen and congresswomen from either side of the aisle. Yes, regardless of the fact he chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton instead of the Red Roof Inn with the money his friends wanted him to have.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the debate this week and Cedillo seemed not only to know his stuff but to genuinely enjoy the process of engaging votors. Chu was just stiff and all up on her talking points. I don’t want another public puppet getting their strings pulled by consultants. Give me some more of that sweet sweet Cedillo magic.

  • anonymous

    “sweet, sweet Cedillo magic” is that code for using your position to benefit yourself and using campaign funds to spend on lavish gifts and drinking trips with your buddies?

    I have taken the time to look up Cedillo’s sponsorship of bills while in office…pretty weak at best. Make no mistake about it, Cedillo is all about Cedillo…not the citizens or voters.

  • Eastside Democrat

    Anonymous May 15, 2009 5:04 PM

    You looked up nothing!! Because if you had, you would have found the 80 bills he passed. Most of them helping constituents with the same diversity and socio-economic backround as the hard working families in our 32nd district.

    Nobody works harder for his people than Gil Cedillo.

  • anonymous

    BS….the few bills he sponsored rewarded special interest groups that had made large political contributions to him!

    Cedillo is a paper tiger….

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous, May 15, 2009 8:20 PM

    Wrong again!! Many of the large special interest groups you are referring to are “policemen, firefighters, nurses, doctors, union families, hotel and restaurant workers and veterans”. Follow the money trail–it is public record. There is a reason these folks have given to Cedillo’s campaign time and time again. Cedillo always has, and will continue to protect working class people. It’s just a part of who he is.

    By the way, eighty (80) bills signed into law is hardly a few.

    P.S. paper tiger!! A kid from Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights…give me a break.

  • DFS

    Pleitez needs to grow up a little and get some experience before whining that someone is attacking him in a race for the UNITED STATES CONGRESS.

    Elections are largely about the image you portray to voters and your record in office. Pleitez is obviously a young go-getter with a great start, but is young and inexperienced. My vote will be going towards the candidate with a proven track record of 20 years as a fighting progressive.

  • El Monte Latino

    I’m also offended by the idea that I should automatically give my vote to a crook like Cedillo simply because we’re of the same ethnic/cultural background. That carpetbagger can go to hell. Posts like above completely underscore the generational gap in the Latino community. Us younger Mexican-Americans aren’t hung up on race! Cedillo is going to lose this race because he failed to understand the generational gap and that East Los Angeles is completely different from the San Gabriel Valley.

    I urge everyone to vote for anyone but Cedillo. Personally, i’m voting for Judy Chu and so are many other Latinos I know but a few members of my family are support Pleitez.

    Cedillo, your race-baiting politics are done with. Welcome to 2009.

  • El Monte Latino

    I’m also offended by the idea that I should automatically give my vote to a crook like Cedillo simply because we’re of the same ethnic/cultural background. That carpetbagger can go to hell. Posts like above completely underscore the generational gap in the Latino community. Us younger Mexican-Americans aren’t hung up on race! Cedillo is going to lose this race because he failed to understand the generational gap and that East Los Angeles is completely different from the San Gabriel Valley. Perhaps Mr. Cedillo’s claims that hes fought for this community would have some credit if he was actually from this community but he simply isn’t.

    Mr. Cedillo, once this is over and you lose, go back home, reflect, rest and perhaps run for congress when the chance comes in YOUR OWN constituency.

    I urge everyone to vote for anyone but Cedillo. Personally, i’m voting for Judy Chu and so are many other Latinos I know but a few members of my family are support Pleitez. And that’s fine. Support someone who works for the greater good, not smears his opponents with lies.

    Cedillo, your race-baiting won’t work in this valley.
    Welcome to 2009.

  • El Gato Malo

    I think it’s funny that the person who claims not to be a Cedillo staffer keeps playing up the same stereotypes that the Cedillo campaign plays up in their hitpieces.

    Newsflash: Judy Chu can stand up for herself and our community just fine, thank you very much. She has a proven record of service to our whole community, she’s passed plenty of bills that benefit the least advantaged in our community, and she demonstrates through her actions that she’s frugal with taxpayer money.

    I agree with El Monte Latino above: I’m tired of Cedillo’s race baiting. We we see it in Cedillo’s hitpieces against both Pleitez and Chu. I’ll NEVER vote for Cedillo, no matter what he runs for and who he’s running against.

  • also anonymous

    Yeah – Roosevelt High in Boyle Heights used to be a pretty good neighborhood with loads of average middle class families…..that is when Cedillo attended.

    Now take a look at the area and give thanks to professional politicians like Cedillo who have put their interests first instead of the interest of the citizens.

    How many years has Cedillo been collecting his taxpayer check? and 80 bills you say, well share the 5 most important ones and please be specific. I doubt you will provide us with that information since he has effectively done NOTHING while in office besides rewarding himself!

  • Anonymous

    also anonymous said,

    You my friend, unlike the hard working, dual income citizens of Boyle Heights who would look up his accomplishments themselves, need to get off your lazy ass and do your own research.

  • also anonymous

    I am a product of Boyle Heights and I have researched Cedillo’s record, or more accurately the complete lack of any substantive bills.

    Always great when Cedillo supporters simply ignore the facts….they can’t produce a strong political record because he doesn’t have one!

    Now if we wanted a record of Cedillo’s wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars or a list of his campaign contributions used for lavish personal gain…..well that would be easy to research!

  • El Gato Malo

    OK, one last “Bwww-haaa-haa” to the anonymous poster who keeps insisting that “I’m not a Cedillo staffer, and you’re officially stupid.”


    You can’t just come into the San Gabriel Valley and say, “I”m Latino–Vote for Me!” and expect to win. Well, let me correct that: You CAN say that, and you can EXPECT that to work, but it won’t work. SGV Latino voters aren’t that shallow. If you want them to come out and vote for you, you need a record of service to the San Gabriel Valley. Judy Chu had that, and Gil Cedillo did not.

    Then, when you decided to go negative, all you did was seal your own fate. Negative only works if there’s some substance behind the charge (or if the local media will lie down and let you get away with those false charges). Unluckily for you, your charges were baseless, and the Los Angeles Times didn’t let you get away with that.

    But then, rather than changing tactics, you kept repeating the already-refuted charge against Chu, and started pulling out even more outrageous stuff against Pleitez. And when the Pleitez stuff got refuted, you stupidly continued with your “He’s flashing gang signs and romanticizing the gang life” line.

    Well, maybe the election was already lost by then. But if it wasn’t lost before then, it was definitely lost after then. Because now, all voters know about you is that 1) You’re a Latino; 2) You want Latinos to vote for you because you’re a Latino; 3) You’ll say anything against any opponent, even a fellow Latino; 4) You’re too hard headed to admit when you’ve been caught in a lie.

    Who do you think is going to vote for that kind of candidate? Apparently, about 4,000 fewer people than will vote for Judy Chu.

    One last time: BWWWAAA-HAAA-HAAA-HAAAA!

  • SGV Insider

    Amen, Gato.