Temple City manager ousted


Charles Martin got the boot from the Temple City City Council Tuesday night, Star-News reporter Alfred Lee reports.

This will end a 55-year public employee career for Martin, who had been serving as Temple City’s city manager and city attorney since 2005. He’ll stay on as interim city attorney until the end of the month, according to Lee.

Martin is keeping mum on the issue.

Martin, 85, wanted to stay on as city manager until the recruitment of replacement was completed, according to Mayor Judy Wong, but the City Council needed to “move on,” she said.

“To eliminate him from both positions would have been quite too much for him, so I was thinking to maybe do it more gently,” said Wong, who had considered keeping Martin on as interim city attorney for even longer.

  • Anonymous

    I think what you call “Keeping mum” has more to do with the fact that he is currently out of town at a conference.

    So now if somemone’s out of town and unable to receive your call you simply declare that a refusal to respond.