Election stories round-up

Reporter Rebecca Kimitch has been – and will continue to be – working on a series of election stories leading up to the 32nd Congressional District race next Tuesday.

Here’s a recap of some of those stories that ran over the weekend:

  • The 32nd Congressional District is full of ethnic diversity. The question, then, is whether race will place a role in this race…. read on here


  • As many expected, voter turnout in this race isn’t likely to be very high, especially since its coupled with a host of confusing ballot initiatives….. read on here
  • Reasonable

    There is nothing more to write about this race. Senator Gil Cedillo win big.

  • El Gato Malo

    Bwwa, ha, ha, ha, ha. Yes, very reasonable, indeed!

    Just another reminder that telling people something is true doesn’t make it true, and that the voters (Latino or otherwise) are smarter than you give them credit for. They can smell rotten fish a mile away.