More endorsements for Cedillo

We’re just a little over a week away from the 32nd Congressional District race, and Cedillo is still pulling in those endorsements. Here’s the latest press release from Cedillo’s people:

El Monte, CA – State Senator Gil Cedillo has earned the endorsement of the community newspaper company Eastern Group Publications (EGP) for the 32nd Congressional District seat. The influential Eastern Group Publications reaches 104,000 households a week and has a loyal readership of nearly half a million people in Los Angeles County.

Earlier this week, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the country, La Opinin, also endorsed Senator Cedillo for Congress.

The Eastern Group Publications’ Special Elections Ballot Recommendations editorial stated: “Our endorsement goes to State Senator Gil Cedillo. Mr. Cedillo has been able to convince us that he will represent California’s small business owners and their workers in an effective and resourceful way.”

“His view that our notion of infrastructure should no longer be solely about brick and mortar projects, but also about a new network of social service infrastructure, such as building a new healthcare delivery system, deals with the changing nature of business and services in the US. We also believe that as the debate on immigration reform heats up in the Senate and Congress, his extensive knowledge of the issue will serve California and the country well.” (To read endorsement, please visit

Eastern Group Publications owns and operates 10 bilingual community newspapers including the Eastside Sun, Northeast Sun, Mexican American Sun, Belle Garden Sun, City Terrace Comet, Montebello Comet, Monterey Park Comet, Commerce Comet, East LA/Belvedere Comet and the Wyvernwood Chronicle.

What do you think. Will it be enough?

  • Voter

    Way to go Senator! You are a true leader.

  • Wow!!!

    I didn’t see the Latino newspapers coming out for Cedillo! That’s a shocker! To bad most of his “endorsments” are from people outside the district. Come on gilly boy, how you holding up on how people are not liking you right now! Carpetbagger!