U.S. Congress or ‘bars in Georgetown?’

The election is just four days away, and here’s the latest round of mailers sent by Sen. Gil Cedillo targeting 32nd Congressional District Candidate Emanuel Pleitez:

  • Weaksauce

    I gotta say, for being such a “savvy” politician, Cedillo is lacking in the hit piece department. In some of these photos, Pleitiz is just posing with friends and smiling, with no drink in sight. These are almost as lame as his “hit piece” against Judy Chu.

    Poor guy. Maybe if he used all that campaign money on the actual campaign and not on snazzy suits and upscale dinners, he might have hired a better consultant.

  • Zeke Quezada

    I can only imagine that Cedillo is concerned with the fact that a prominent, intelligent and highly respected young professional is mobilizing the people in his community. Pleitez is an example of the talent that is hidden in our neighborhoods, in our inner city schools and in our culture. Don’t knock him, support him. The problem with Cedillo is that he is out of touch and does not understand that a new generation of leaders are emerging. Tell me my kid is going to attend Stanford, tell me my kid is going to work at Goldman, Sachs and then tell me my son will work with an incoming President of the United States. As a father of two young boys, I can only hope for that. That is success, that is the definition of a proper role model for the community. Sit down old man, you are the definition of a politician and the community needs leaders.

  • Wow

    omgz, you mean people drink and have a good time? Cedillo is going down hard. Congresswoman Judy Chu has a good ring.

  • WC Gal

    Gil Cedillo is just like Roger Hernandez in West Covina: corrupt Sleeze ball politician.

    Go Judy!

  • Cedillo drives a Lexus

    This is not the “latest” mailer. You posted about it on this blog last week. Calitics wrote about it last week, too, complete with art:

    I got another mailer from Cedillo today, playing the race card, again. He’s concerned about long-ago (and long-returned) contributions to the Chu campaign (just in case you didn’t know that Judy was Chinese).

    Meanwhile, Chu sent a mailer out about Gil’s Lexus. $58,000 from California taxpayers for the car Gil drives around his district.

    The mailer doesn’t say this, but Chu drove (probably still drives) a Prius, which cost California taxpayers about half as much as Gil’s Lexus and gets much better mileage.

    Yes, I know: There’s nothing illegal about buying a car to get around your district. But WHICH car you buy DOES say something about your fiscal prudence and the message you send to your constituents when you pull up to a community event.

  • LL

    Our district is ready for home grown leadership. Cedillo is scared of the new face of politics in our community.

    Emanuel Pleitez all the way!!

  • Witness

    Zeke Quezada,

    We support Pleitez for doing well and getting into Stanford; however, working at Goldman Sachs for a year or two and working on an obscure transition team outside of the REAL inner circle of team Obama hardly qualifies you for the position of U.S. congressman. For goodness sakes the guy has had one real job in his entire life!

    My advice to him–get some experience–run for the State Assembly or for the Los Angeles City Council. Then perhaps when the old man (Cedillo) is tired and done, will Pleitez be actually ready to sit on the Congressional floor.

  • Party-itez cant dance

    Dude cant dance.

  • Anonymous


    The “Old Man” never had a job that wasn’t an elected office or political in nature either. And don’t try to rebut with his bunk ass law degree from Chicano Law School, or whatever the name of that school was. He never passed the bar.