‘We have a great Police Department’ El Monte Councilman says

Here’s what El Monte Council members are saying about the kicking cop issue, according to a story written by Tania Chatila.

El Monte City Councilwoman Emily Ishigaki said it was too early to comment on the investigation, but said Fierro was a “very talented officer.”

City Councilman Juventino “J” Gomez said he was worried about the bad press.

“We are always concerned when El Monte is in the headlines and it may not be favorable,” he said. “We have a great Police Department.”

Ishigaki said officers might be stressed from recent budget cuts that reduced their ranks.

State Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, said stress is no excuse.

“If that were the case, we would allow every teacher, nurse, and firefighter in the state to suddenly abuse authority under the law,” said Romero, whose Senate district includes El Monte.

  • Anonymous

    EMILY: Do you also think he is talented for selling gang clothing paraphalia to our kids????

  • unknown

    el monte police department are a gang with gun they are rude and disrespectful i wish the sheriff will partol elmonte because elmont police officers only doing there job for money and power not to serve soceity just there badge and name

  • anonymous

    Emily and Gomez: Let say for a moment that this requires an internal investigation and we know it takes 3 votes from the City Council, Do any of you have the authority to do it, knowing that the police tells you what to do and run the campaigns for you and also give $10,000.00 to each member eveytime…Where is our Mayor? is he looking for the last chief Weldon to ask him what to say now…

  • Anonymous


    Too bad the City will have to foot the bill for this.

    Maybe the planned on splitting the settlement all along.

  • EM resident

    Too bad there isn’t any sound on all the videos. I’ll bet he is saying “you stupid EMF Mo Fu….you should’ve had one of my shirts on for the camera. Don’t ever run unless you are wearing Torcido.”

  • Anonymous

    Emily you are so stupit. Stress is not a excuse to beat the heck out of anyone. Imagine if teachers, firefighters and eveyone in the civil service were to act and react that way. They are out of Controll cowards and monsters. This cop gives the rest a bad name and hurtscEl Monte. Another black eye for the City without a Pity!

  • Marketing

    WILL THE NEXT CAR CHASE BE SPONSORED BY “TORCIDO CLOTHING LINE”???…… “Torcido Clothing Line…the official clothing line of the EMF and the EMPD….When life has you on the run…..run with Torcido”

  • Y que

    No shit hommie

  • El Monte…end of Santa Fe Trail

    More like the End of El Monte. Well, after the state takes 8% in taxes, El Monte will be in the HOLE. Yup, it will go bank rup. It will take well over $1.2 million from the city. There is nothing left. The well has gone dry. They will have to contract with Sheriff. Simply trying to keep services afloat for the residents will be very hard, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. More lay offs, more salary cuts, less city events. It will be a skeleton crew that runs the city. The mayor and council must give up all their perks. They all say that they were never in it for the money or perks. Lets see if they mean what they say, and say what they mean.Could be they are still talking out of their……….

  • Anonymous


    Number of Violent Crimes in El Monte

    Year End 2006 – 628 Violent Crimes

    October 9, 2007 – El Monte City Council votes to give the POA a 18 3/4% raise over three years.

    Year End 2007 – 686 Violent Crimes

    Year End 2008 – 800 Violent Crimes

    March 2009 – 17 Officers laid off

    October 2009 – There are no FBI crime stats for 2009 but it has been reported that violent crime is down.

    Question: If more money for police is the answer why did crime SPIKE the year after we gave them a 18 3/4% raise? (Can we ask for our money back since we didn’t get what we were promised by giving them this raise)

    Question: How can the layoffs be blamed for 2008 crime stats when the layoffs didn’t happen until March 2009?

    Observation: Isn’t it funny how crime is actually down in 2009 even with the layoffs. Maybe once certian officers realized their job security was no different than anyone esles, they started working harder.

    Observation: Maybe the generous raise given on October 9, 2007 has made it too expensive to hire officers since many make over $100,000 not including benefits.

    Maybe if they agreed to sacrifice instead of play politics or trying to connect the old City Manager’s problems with something that has nothing to do with the city budget problems we would be farther along in terms of restoring this city.