• It’s about Time

    I voted! This seat is a democratic seat and I think Judy Chu will take it because I heard many Republicans are voting for her over One Bill Gil Cedillo. People who vote in these elections are educated voters and will understand that Judy Chu will be the smart choice for the Valley.

  • also anonymous

    I voted in San Dimas this morning….very quiet. No sign in front of the polling location? No identification required, in fact they refused to look at my ID?….seems ripe for voter fraud?

    One could simply show up and provide an address then sign in as that voter?

  • Maybe it is time for a change?

    “this seat is a democratic seat”……maybe that is part of the problem. What has your prior democrats done for you? and the district?

  • Proud Voter

    Saw a normal turnout in this election. Could of been better. Especially in the tuff economic times. Saw and congratulated Judy Chu in Covina and Mike Eng, her husband. She had many local elected officials including John Chung, and we Hernandez. Azusa, Baldwin Park, Covina, Duarte, La Puente, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, South El Monte, Temple City, Walnut and other Mayors and Council and Labor were present. She can really bring people together from many diverse communities. My family and I voted for her. She seemed honest and sincere. We feel that she was the most experienced and qualified. We wish her well in Washington with Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis. Two dynamic women. What a win win for us all.

  • Chris Cama

    So – Anoms – You said we can talk later? This proves that the residents of the SGV don’t care about race. The SGV is living in a post-Obama world.

  • El Gato Malo

    Indeed, Mr. Anonymous, Mr. “I’m not a staffer, and you’re officially stupid.” Guess what? I am officially laughing at you and “all the polls” you kept claiming to be showing your guy far ahead. Election day revealed which of us were right, and which of us was parroting the Cedillo campaign party line.

    Congratulations to Judy Chu and to the voters of the 32nd Congressional District. Even with Betty “Uncle Tom” Chu on the ballot, Gil still lost by over 4,000 votes. Even if the Pleitez voters had broken 4:1 in your favor, you STILL would have lost! Not only that, but because of that stinking campaign you ran, you’ve burned a lot of bridges. Guess you’ll have to move back to L.A., now. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • SGV Insider

    Boy, the Cedillo camp is QUIET. Helloooooooo?

    I heard he hasn’t even called Chu to concede. Classy till the end, Gil. Or was there a Nordstroms sale this morning and you haven’t had time to make the call?

  • Chris Cama

    Gil Cedillo Watch: I heard Macy’s is having buy 2 suits get one free! He was buying a few suits to comfort himself

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