UPDATE: Council members skip meeting to go to Vegas*

The West Covina council meeting was cancelled last night due to a lack of quorom. It wasn’t because the council members were busy attending local election parties, but it was because some were at the International Conference of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas, said Mayor Roger Hernandez, who did not attend the conference.*

Here’s the schedule.


  • WC Gal

    Roger Hernandez has went over budget on his conferences. Now he is in Vegas? What a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Maggie Clark goes to all of these, too. Not that she’s ever come back with a business willing to locate in Rosemead.

  • West Covina Resident

    Roger Hernandez can’t possibly attend. He went over his budget for travel.

  • Anonymous

    Well, look at that: WC Loser is finding smoke where there is no fire.

  • WC Dave

    The post clearly says “Hernandez, who did not attend the conference. So maybe WC Gal should read before commenting. Now the fact that Roger-the-Dodger has used up all his conference money is on point and could explain why they Mayor stayed home. Another might be that with the economy down, this shopping center conference is nothing like it was just a few years ago and hardly worth attending. The real question is who did go, have they been before and what did they bring back. If all they got was a sun burn from lying around the pool and some glitter in their hair from the strip clubs, then that is something everyone in our city should be upset about!

  • Fed up Tax Payer

    What the heck!!! What other cities attened? Didn’t most of the cities also attend Ca. Contract cities in Indian Wells the week before? What cities had the money to attend both conferences? I hope they were not cities that cut city jobs and salaries. How many councilmenbers, city managers and support staff were also in attendace? Did any of them participate in golf tornuments, before, during and after the confereces. Who paid for those uneeded lavish extra days and participation fees? Did the cities pay for their rooms at the conferences, registrations, meals, air fairs, mileage and gas, not to mention travel money? What were the total bills for each city and break down of elected officials? What junked did we pay for, at our expence? Seems like they had a vacation on the tax payers expence. Tribune please follow up with “their endless mini vacations!”

  • WC Insider

    Roger Hernandez can’t possibly attend. He went over his budget for travel.

  • Rudy


  • WC resident

    Yes, I heard that the City of La Puente Council attended both the vegas and the indian wells conference. My sources tell me that each council member receives $20,000 each year for attending any conference they want. What a sweet deal during these tight economic times

  • Roger Hernandez is a womanizing corrupt official

    Sources say that Roger Hernandez is paying child support. Anyone have details?

    Also, we verified that Roger Hernandez went over his budget for travel on several occasions.

  • Anonymous



  • Rudy


  • Anonymous

    Yes. Roger Hernandez is dating one of the attorneys from South El Monte and sources say he is paying child support to one of his ex girlfriends that accused him of beating her.

    He and some wackos from the city of Glendora have been scheming to split our city in in pieces.

    What he doesn’t know is that those people are really working against him. Guess he shouldn’t have hit on one of their daughters.

  • WC worker bee

    We know exactly who those people from Glendora are that are working with Roger Hernandez.

    They have been here in city hall requesting information on our Council. What Roger doesn’t know is that they also requested info on him too.

    They and the city of Glendora are being investigated by the DA. By association, Roger attracts the DA here in WC.

    Roger the DA dodger is more trouble than the people can handle. He has anger issues, mental problems, and an inflated sense of who he is.

  • Council Meeting Attendee

    I don’t believe the council has had a council meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of May for the last 8 years because of the conflict with ICSC in Las Vegas. Infact, Mayor Roger Hernandez has been there a number of the years, so this isn’t new, just grandstanding by the Mayor. Check the record for yourself! There was comments at the May 5th Council meeting about a majority of council members not being available on May 19th, the next reguarly schedule Council meeting because of the ICSC Las Vegas Conference. Then Mayor Roger Hernandez asked about Thursday May 21st and again due to vacations for Memorial Day weekend a majority of the council members weren’t available, this was all on May 5th, on Audio tape, for proof check for yourself. Then on May 20th Mayor Roger Hernandez called for a Special Council meeting on May 21st knowing ahead of time a majority of the Council wasn’t available. Sounds like he just wanted a news story for himself.

  • Roger the DA dodger

    Does Roger Hernandez have down syndrome?

  • Crook!

    Let’s all remember that Mayor Hernandez has an expense account, travel allowance, car allowance, medical allowance, education allowance, and has other expenses paid for him, as do all the council members.

    Let’s remember that Mayor Hernandez voted for a pay increase from $800 per month to over $2,000 per month. He voted against recinding the increase.

    When will Hernandez speak up and tell the public that he no longer wants all these allowances. Also, anyone who thinks it is cheaper to give a car allowance is nuts. A car allowance will run more than the current cost. I have run the numbers, since I have worked for companies that give either. I took the car allowance.

    Maybe, Hernandez can work out a special deal with a local car dealership to sell the City cars that one year later than can sell for more than paid.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my goodness! Stop the presses! Roger Hernandez is playing CHILD SUPPORT!!!! How dare he?!

    I guess bitter WC loser prefers deadbeat dads. Either that, or she’s jealous of another one of Roger’s ex-girlfriends.

  • To Hernandez Supporters

    What is paying Jennifer McClain. Does she want an appointment to the Planning Commission? Where does that put Fred Sykes who is now showing public disagreements with Hernandez. Hernandez has a history of giving political appointments to those on the Tribune staff who give him favorable coverage.

    Maybe Roger promised to make Jennifer McClain his press secretary if he get elected to the Assembly. Speaking of his assmebly bid – if he can lend himself $100,000 for a campaign, why did he need the taxpayers to pay for his education??


    If your city hires Arnold Alvarez Glasman it appears city council receives all the free food and booze they ask for from him. Please Mr City Attorney show the public your credit card receipts and prove to us all the rumors are false?oops do City Managers eat free too ?