Election recap

Any one suprised at the election results?

Let’s recap:

1. It will by Judy Chu and Betty (Tom) Chu in a run-off for the 32nd Congressional seat.

2. All of the Governor’s tax measures failed. Now, the deficit is projected to be $21 billion.

3. Proposition 1F prohibiting state officials from receiving pay raises when California has a budget deficit.

  • Anonymous

    Thank GOODNESS Chu won (and not Cedillo). It’s time that bum gil was run out of politics completely. Look at this:


  • Chris Cama

    Once I read that story about the Chu campaign having 29% of their VOte-by-mail were turned in I knew she was going to walk with it.

  • El Gato Malo

    Congratulations to Judy Chu! Eight more weeks and you’re going to Washington!

  • Cousin vs. Distant Cousin

    Choose which Chu you want to go to Congress.

  • Anonymous

    How many Chus would you choose to choose if your shoes were used to choose.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how “all” of the Cedillo poster(s) disappeared overnight. It’s almost like they were being PAID to post their candidate’s campaign lines right up until May 19. Then, when the paychecks stopped, they stopped posting.

  • Anonymous

    I supported Judy Chu but the last comment is just petty and dumb. Who cares if they disappeared. That’s good. The last thing any local community wants is a bunch of unrecovered cardboard signs slowly rotting away in the public right of way. I will applaud Cedillo for that.

  • Preserve City Services
  • Anonymous

    They were probably posted with out permission, in the city’s right of way and in front of voting facilities. His staff did not do their homework as to where they could of legally posted them. Stop blaming everyone else. It is over. Move on dude!!!

  • Chris Cama

    Cedillo ppl, why don’t you come out and play? I need some entertainment. So whfn are those signs going to come down since he’s not running for Congress anymore? He may have a better shot in the Imperial County area.

  • Anonymous

    The Cedillo people disappeared from these blogs, but their signs are still up all over the place. I haven’t found anything to applaud Cedillo for, yet.