Hernandez alleges gift of public funds


Mayor Roger Hernandez called a special meeting for tonight at 4 p.m. to reconsider the approval of an owner participation agreement with the West Covina Senior Villas for the development of an affordable senior housing project.

This is the property that was abandoned because the previous property owner who was building a bunch of condos said he can no longer afford it. The property now will be developed by Telacu, which is connected with Pacifici Development, owned by Hank Attina.

According to a story that ran on May 6:

On Tuesday, the West Covina Community Redevelopment Commission approved a deal that allows TELACU Industries, which specializes in building low-income housing, to purchase the property and to receive a subsidy from the city.

TELACU is buying the property for $3.5 million, and will be receiving an $8.6 million loan – which does not have to be paid if the developer continues providing low-income housing for the next 99 years – from the housing set-aside reserve fund from the city to cover the cost of the land and construction

Hernandez alleges that the council is gifting public funds to developer Attina because the city failed to appraise the land, a requirement by state law in any redevelopment deal. The city on May 5 approved the sale at $3.5 million, but Hernandez alleges that the property is only worth half that. He will attempt to stall the deal on Thursday, one day before the deal closes escrow.

We will see if any of this pans out later in the day.

  • Lauren

    “We will see how we can spin this later in the day.”


  • Theolona Ranger

    Hank Atina
    Ask Montebllo about the Applebes finacial meltdown and experience with Telacu and Senior Housing.
    West Covina should stay as far as possible from anything connected with Hank Atina

  • anonymous

    Didn’t the city attorney, Mr. Alvarez-Glasman, represent Hank in a drunk driving charge? Seems ripe for a conflict?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds interesting!!!

  • WC Resident

    Hank Attina just happened to donate to Touhey, Lane and Sandersons campaign as well. After all, if you want to do business in West Covina you need to go through them first! Not only was Attina represented by Alvarez-Glasman but is also his good buddy.

  • Roger is a terrible and arrogant mayor

    Roger Hernandez is an arrogant SOB. Why would anyone want to disgrace our wonderful city?

    He should be ashamed of himself.

  • West Covina Watcher

    Hernandez is just trying another ploy for attention or who knows what else…everyone can see through this silliness. He voted in public for the project an now all of a sudden he has a change of mind. Please, what changed his mind??? That’s the question we should all be asking…???? Somethin’s up.

  • Roger is accusing them of gift of public funds? two-faced


    *He has been investigated by the DA

    *sued by his campaign committee

    *has a campaign manager that was convicted of voter fraud

    *verbally abused members of our police department

    *has been investigated internally by city officials for creating a hostile work environment

    *being probed for his ties to a start up consulting firm

    *had major Labor Unions back down from supporting his re-election bid in the final days because of he had an altercation with the WCPD

    * Does not hold a job

    * Has suspicious sources of income

    * Got a Sweetheart deal from a local car dealership that he used his title to obtain

    *Verbally abused several residents after council meetings in the parking lot

    * Over charged his city-issued credit card several times

    * Voted to give give Alhassen $3.5 million over 15 years and resolve a disputed debt, THEN has accepted major contributions from him and his family.

    * Was censured by the CITY for violating the City of West Covina ADMINISTRATIVE HARASSMENT policy and the City of West Covina standing rules.

    * Gave an illegal loan to Michael Armijo of ABC Public relations in exchange for political favors. THEN voted in favor of an Armijo Contract and faied to report this on his FPPC 700 form

    * Had multiple claims filed against him that accuse him of “continuous retaliatory and harassing acts”.

    …more to come.

  • but WAIT, theres MORE!

    It does not stop there. While a Board Member for RUSD, Roger Hernandez worked for Congresswoman Grace Napolitano and created all sorts of trouble while working there.
    He got in several verbal altercations with the then Chief of Staff, Chuck Fuentes (now city manager at Pico Rivera). Just ask Chuck himself; it got to the point where Roger Hernandez filed the Congresswoman with a law suit!
    Eventually, the Congresswoman’s office settled with Hernandez and avoided an escalation of the issue. However, this guy remained a loose cannon as he continued to show up late, offend fellow staffers, and conduct political work out of the Congresswoman’s office.
    The list of people that Roger Hernandez has offended abused is long.
    A man like this does not deserve the public trust when he can not even trust himself.

  • Anonymous
  • http://None Resident

    Unbelievable!!! People… Roger Hernandez is trying to save taxpayer funds (and trying to prevent lining the pockets of those snakes…Touhey, Herfert and the city attorney). And, yet, you waste time creating a long list of accusations to discredit him. At what seems to be great personal and political cost (and, poor guy…no one showed up to his special meeting), he is speaking his mind and doing what is right..for YOU!!! Wow. Some people truly deserve what they get: A corrupt council of four. Of course, it’s probably Touhey and Herfert themselves writing all of that crap. I’m, for one, not fooled. I hope others can see through that garbage.

  • Old Man

    Resident, you sure make quite the speculation on the other council people with nothing more than your opinion. Most of them have shown they have done good by this community.

    The first Senior housing project I have friends that live there and it’s a good project done by this same developer that you speculate as corrupt.

    The constant embarrasment to this city this Mayor Hernandez has caused is remarkable. This embarrasment is evident in the many lawsuits, complaints and videos of this guy disrespecting so many people, including the police.

    Hernandez and people like yourself do nothing good, just point fingers, saying people are setting Hernandez up for his own actions. For example, the police situation – Hernandez blamed Mr. Touehy and there was a 911 taped call from the actual resident that heard the woman yelling in Mr. Hernandez’ home.

    There is so much blame it is a shame. Shame on people like you who do this.

  • Rudy


  • Agreed

    We should have an investigation to see why Hernandez voted in favor of the project and then changed his mind? there are alot of questions that need to be answered and if there is any truth to the accusations against him?

  • Anger Management for Roger Hernandez

    Hernandez allegedly “stormed into” Chung’s office and accused him of running a dysfunctional department.

    “His tirade was laced with profanity (repeatedly using the “f” word to refer to Chung and his staff,” the lawsuit states. “Hernandez made threatening gestures with his fists, kept waving and shaking his hand and fingers at Chung’s face compelling Chung to retreat behind his desk for protection.”

  • WC wants to know

    Does anyone have information on the pending FPPC violation by Hernandez?

  • Hernandez is a CROOK

    Let’s all remember that Mayor Hernandez has an expense account, travel allowance, car allowance, medical allowance, education allowance, and has other expenses paid for him, as do all the council members.

    Let’s remember that Mayor Hernandez voted for a pay increase from $800 per month to over $2,000 per month. He voted against recinding the increase.

    When will Hernandez speak up and tell the public that he no longer wants all these allowances. Also, anyone who thinks it is cheaper to give a car allowance is nuts. A car allowance will run more than the current cost. I have run the numbers, since I have worked for companies that give either. I took the car allowance.

    Maybe, Hernandez can work out a special deal with a local car dealership to sell the City cars that one year later than can sell for more than paid.

  • Rudy

    We must get a D.A. investigation on the real crooks and their followers….NOW!

  • To Hernandez Supporters

    Let’s not forget how Hernandez stormed away for his seat to attack a member of the public. He called the member of the public names which can’t be repeated in the paper. The Chief of Police had to intervene to prevent Hernandez from getting into more trouble.

    Do not forget that it was Hernandez who pushed for reducing the time the public could speak at council meetings. Do not forget that it is Hernandez that wanted to seel Shadow Oak Park to Roland Unified when he became a member of the council.

    It was Hernandez who beat his campaign manager and had the plice called.

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez was so sick he had to leave the council meeting early, but was talking in the parking lot to people 30 mintues later!! I guess he did not want to go on the record and make tough budget decisions. He will claim was not part of the conversation so he can’t express an opinion.

    Roger’s problem is simple – he is a dishonest person who expects to be paid to play. When he can’t get his way, which impacts his bribe income, he says everyone but him is being paid-off. If Roger is correct, then he is the dumb one for not getting his piece with the others. Again, Roger can’t play well with others – he wants everything, does not want to share in the kick-backs.

    By the way – all but the parts about Roger are tongue in check comments.

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