City Manager gets $203,490 per year, plus free car, plus free rent, plus 20 days vacation time, plus…

The contract for Covina’s newest City Manager, Daryl Parrish, is going to be approved tonight. Here what he’s getting, according to the contract on page 186 of tonight’s staff report:

1. Annual salary: $203,490, subject to an annual 5 percent bonus pay. Base salary is $199,500, but htat is increaesd because of a 2 percent educational incentive.

2. City Car: Parrish will get a fully equipped sedan capable of seating at least 5 people. Insurance and maintenance paid for by the city.

3. Time off: 75 hours per year of administrative leave, 20 days of vacation leave, same holidays and sick leave accrual as all other city employees.

4. Retirement Benefits: CalPers/PARS benefit totalling 2.7 percent @ 55; plus $250 a month paid by city in a deferred compensation plan.

5. Free Rent: The manager can live at the city owned 125 E. Italia Street property on a month-to-month basis. When the property will be needed for redevelopment purposes, the city will offer housing assistance payment of $1,000 per month.

6. Severance: If the City Manager is fired, he gets a 12 month severance pay ($199,500).


  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if this is what you would call a “competitive” salary but at a time when MOST people don’t live nearly as well, it’s a huge shame that civic leaders would expect this sort of a salary. It sets the tone for others in the city and makes it very hard to deal with larger problems regarding compensation and benefits. The thinking among other city employees is: “well if there’s this kind of money to pay the city manager, why shouldn’t I get alot of money too.” This creates a spiral of out-of-control spending in which employees blame managers and managers blame employees.

    I hope Covina reconsiders some of the perks.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never truly understood the need for a city car. Don’t most cities have fleets of city cars that can be used on an as-needed basis for city business. why any city should have to pay for a car that is primarily used to drive the city manager to and from work is beyond me.

    I truly doubt that most city managers do THAT much driving on city business. Benefits like these undermine trust among the public and among city workers when the time comes to ask for belt tightening.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap.

  • Bankrupt World

    So when does the City manager work and what is the city’s return on invesment? No wonder cities, CA, the US and US Corporations are heading down bankruptcy lane. Runaway compensations for executives and elected officials without accountability and productivity.

  • anonymous

    Dame…is this guy worth his weight in gold. No city manager can be that good. What was the former manager making? The council of five decides what his MOU will entail. They have the final say. Theses five clowns have really gone overboard at our expence. Many people have lost their jobs and homes in Covina. Now they council comes out with this bull. They sure like throwing our money out the window. That must mean that the eight percent that will be taken in taxes from the city will not affect the citys operating budget? Am I correct?

  • Anonymous

    the city is NUTS that is just way too much money, oh yeah I thought Covina was in a busget crunch HHHHMMMMMMM

  • mixed feeling

    if he was president over a private business this size he would make twice as much. also you cant expect him to make less than the fire andpolice chiefs that he directs can you.

    on the other hand I cringe everytime I see a government vehicle being used for private use.

  • Rudy

    This calls for a D.A. investigation.

  • Anonymous

    You should probably explain what “2.7% @ 55” means: You get 2.7% of your highest salary for every year of service in the PERS system. Put in thirty years, and you get 30×2.7% = 81.1% of your highest salary as your retirement benefit. Since they don’t take Social Security, disability, or other, similar taxes out of your retirement, you can end up taking home more money as a retiree than you made as a worker.

  • Anonymous

    What a sweet heart deal. Sounds like the new city manager was bought by the city council. The District Attorneys office had better get on the ball and investigate his MOU. This is horrific to all honest hard working city managers. This guy just raped the city and got away with it. It will show up as a deficit in the city’s budget for the coming years. They will be sorry. Just look at El Monte.

  • Ross Stockton

    You are being ridiculous. That man or the city manager works his ass off a whole lot harder than the other workers and ok if you lowered his salary to 50000 that means that you would have a 150000 to be divided among 500 or more employees so that means that each one would only make 300 more dollars and plus. That man is getting that much because he convinced businesses to come into the city while carrying out the city councils many many projects and Preparing a draft city budget each year with options the council votes on. Researching and making recommendations about topics of interest to the council and Meeting with citizens to understand their needs better: Providing executive leadership that encourages good performance by city workers. They deserve that big of pay. Why arent you complaining at the Jonas brothers or Miley Cyrus? They make millions!!!!! These City Managers are very public in their communities and they act very professional.