Thanks, but no thanks, remaining Rosemead commissioners

Rebecca Kimitch writes that the City Council will replace the entire planning commission, the board that votes on planning related issues in the city:

ROSEMEAD – The City Council voted Tuesday to replace all five members of the Planning Commission because of their support last year of controversial planning changes in the city.

The change marks the latest move by the city council, elected in March, to remove all traces of the former council majority.

Members voted to place Nancy Eng, William Alarcon, Diana Herrera, Victor Ruiz and Joan Hunter on the commission.

The terms of the current five commissioners will be up June 1. Commissioners Daniel Lopez, Todd Kunioka, and Allan Vuu had had applied to be renamed to the commission but were denied because of their support last September of a controversial new general plan – a blueprint for development – in the city, Mayor Maggie Clark said.

Council members also objected to the current commission’s vote last November to allow a chicken slaughterhouse to continue operating in the city, Clark said. The council later reversed that decision.

Though new, the new commission is experienced, Clark said.

Alarcon has served on the city council and the planning commission; Herrera has served on the planning commission; Hunter has served on the traffic commission and as president of the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce; Ruiz has served on the traffic commission and has worked on county public works projects; and Eng has served as a neighborhood watch captain and on the Garvey School Board bond oversite committee.

The planning commission will be tasked this year with revising the new general plan. Though the plan was approved last year, the new council majority has vowed to change it because of concerns that it will increase the city’s population.

  • Anonymous

    Joan Hunter, who missed more Traffic Commission meetings than she attended, is the best they can do? Wasn’t it she and Diana Herrera and Steven Ly who were always staffing “Rosemead Partners” tables, complaining about how “friends of the mayor” were getting appointed to Commission seats? And Victor Ruiz, who tried to get Rosemead to contract with his company for consulting services? And when they wouldn’t, he decided to back the other side? Yeah, this sure sends a message about the kind of government we can expect, now that the old cronies are back in power.

    God save Rosemead!

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for all the good residents of Rosemead who applied for Planning Commission positions, thinking that qualifications had anything to do with getting appointed. If you didn’t work to help Maggie Clark, Sandra Armenta and Steven Ly to get elected, you had no chance.

    Next, the new guys will probably try to stop having Internet coverage of these meetings, because if anyone sees them at work, they’ll know how completely unqualified most of them are for this job.

  • Anonymous

    Well at least God is still in Rosemead and the righting of the ship is happening. The three amigos are gone (at least two) and their “cronies”. Good will come of these changes and proper planning. Unlike the past shotgun approach with little backing from actual Rosemead residents, these changes are good for Rosemead so embrace them and work with the new council. Be critical, but be right!

    Clark and Taylor are easy to work with. Their decisions are based on facts and as city servants, not power-hungry, egotistical political risers who want protect the residents of Rosemead. That is why they are still in office and will do what is best for Rosemead.

    The three amigos have left a mess to clean up. It is the people who care about Rosemead that are still concerned. The new staff needs to show they are up to the task. The previous planning commission showed no leadership and road the coat tails of the three amigos. That was a tragedy in itself so anything is better.

    And make sure you use the Internet to view city council meetings, because if it turns out to be a waste of money because residents don’t, then you lose it. That is the fact, not rhetoric that the council wants to hide anything. Participate, don’t complain and make up things because you disagree with them, challenge them, they work for you.

  • Anonymous

    If only you followed your own advice, you’d know how completely hoodwinked you have been by these old guys who only want to hold on to power for themselves.

    Newsflash, Pravda: God doesn’t lower himself to interfering in Rosemead’s politics. That’s what “free will” is all about.

  • The Truth

    Too bad for you don’t get it. Right is right, wrong is wrong, moral people win every time.

    The three agimos and their band of step-in-line fools are gone.