West Covina cuts budget deficit in half

Reporter Jennifer McLain will be following this today and will probably be posting more later, but she says the West Covina City Council managed to cut its estimated budget deficit for the next fiscal year from $9.5 million to about $5 million Tuesday night.

They were also able to salvage some programs.

  • Anon

    What are you talking about? No programs were salvaged.

    And the bus program is going to be cut $550K. We pay extra taxes here for transportation but as usual the politicians find a way to use it for something else. The good news is Measure R passed – so there’s going to be more money for the politicians to spend….on their pet projects.

  • Anonymouse

    Is it true about the WC Mayor? If so, maybe it’s because he feels sooooo guilty about taking our hard earned taxpayer money to pay for his tuition or not?? Maybe he just feels guilty for all his wrong doings but it’s doubtful.

  • Mt. Sac Student

    What happened to the posts on the Mayor’s mental breakdown?

  • Anonymous

    They’re still all over the place. The WC loser just keeps posting her same crud over and over, as though this somehow makes it more true.

  • How ?

    How did they cut the deficit in half? What program were cut and what was saved? That is the story. We need to know what will affect the quality of life in West Covina.

  • WC Resident

    I heard that no programs were saved. And the city will sell prop A money and cut the transit programs. Its the same old story – voters put a tax in place for a program and the politicans figure out a way to use it for their pet projects.

    Lesson? Don’t approve new taxes and buy a car.

  • WC

    WC will end up like El Monte. The politicians only think of themselves as usual. The city will run on a skeleton crew. That would be just fine with me. The council should give up 5 percent of their salary and so should all top level employees. Now let’s see who really cares about WC !!! Yeah right.