Capra pleads guilty to campaign finance violation

This Temple City story just keeps getting better and better.

Alfred Lee’s story on now former Temple City Councilman David Capra really developed Wednesday as Capra pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor campaign finance reporting violation and then resigned from office.

Apparently Capra made the plea Tuesday and has been placed on 36 months probation. As part of the plea deal, he was also forced to resign and agreed not to run for public office again for four years.

Read Alfred’s full story here.

  • TC Resident

    Judy Wong should not be able to choose his replacement. She should step down!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to laugh about this, because a few months ago, when it was reported he wasn’t even going to city council meetings, I asked if maybe he shouldn’t consider resigning. All of his supporters berated me for being so evil, and saying what a great guy Capra was.

    Well, eat crow, you fools. Not only is he too sick to do his job, he’s also a crook.