The gloves are off in Baldwin Park


It’s 4 vs. 1 and Baldwin Park Councilman Ricardo Pacheco is the one whose outnumbered.

An investigation into whether Pacheco berated a department head is getting heated, with Pacheco accusing his peers on the dais of lying and playing political games.

The council agreed Wednesday night to open the review, which will determine whether Pacheco harassed, intimidated or retaliated against a member of the city’s executive team during a recent telephone interview.

Different versions of the story are floating around with some saying Pacheco cussed this unnamed department head out, and called for their resignation. Pacheco denies all the allegations and says these are all ploys in an election year.

“I have been a council member for more than 10 years. I have never every disrespected anybody on this city … (This is) basically because (the rest of the council members) have no allegations to make about me. I haven’t been arrested. My residence isn’t in question. I don’t throw people out of council meetings. My family members don’t work here.”

Councilman Anthony Bejarano said Wednesday the issue isn’t personal, and it’s the city’s legal duty to investigate such allegations.

Bejarano also referred to West Covina, and the millions of dollars in lawsuits it is facing from harassment claims.

“We just want to make sure we do our due diligence under the law,” he said. “If it turns out this was nothing that rises to the level of harassment or retaliation — good.”

More to come in tomorrow’s paper.

  • Anonymous

    Pacheco is known for screaming at employees when they don’t do his bidding.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s 4 vs. 1 and Baldwin Park Councilman Ricardo Pacheco is the one whose outnumbered.”


  • Anonymous

    You know what I find interesting? When that whole bogus arrest thing went down with bejarano last year, pacheco acted like judge jury and executioner. He made a huge deal about it and bad mouthed bejarano to no end.

    When the shoe is on the other foot, however, bejarano’s comments are far more conciliatory and professional. “If it turns out to be nothing–then good.”. No judgement, no accusations, no pontificating, just “let’s get to the bottom of this.”

    I’m sure bejarano isn’t too upset that pacheco is the target of these complaints. But in public, he’s keeping it toned down, unlike how pacheco acted.

    I think that says a lot about both guys.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Pacheco’s mistress is pretty HOT!!!!!!

  • Ron Burgundy


  • Resident

    Look out Mr. Pacheco it is an election year! You know darn well how vendictive other councilmenbers can be. When they got it in for you, you better watch your every move. Pat back is a bear! Just look at West Covina, Rosemead, and Montenello!!! Be careful.

  • Anonymous

    Election season? That doesn’t entirely make sense given that pacheco isn’t up for re-election this year.

    In other words, if this was an election season stunt, what do the other 4 get out of it? It’s not as if they’ll get more votes for busting pacheco. And since pacheco isn’t running this year, they don’t get the benefit of trying to make voters angry with pacheco.

    There may be something political about this, but I don’t think we can chalk it up to it’s election season.

    Or, quite possibly, pacheco just f’d up and went on one. I wouldn’t pust it past him.

  • Anonymous

    How the hell did nasty pacheco bag that chick in the pic? That’s his mistress? Dang. City council must have its privileges, bc it sure couldn’t be his looks!

  • Anonymous

    LOL. That picture of Pacheco is hilarious. It looks like he’s berating someone even there! haaha

  • Anonymous

    Politicians tend to start early in gathering negative information on those that they dislike. They have become very smart. What is on his jacket. It matches with the gals tshirt. Is he a member of a gentlemens club? They seem to be one and the same. Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell Richard Pacheco that “1982 called, and they want their Popper-Dor Haircut back”! He can leave the chick though.

  • Anonymous

    Of all the things you could clown the guy on, and you pick his hair? His hair is the LEAST of his problems! haha