Harsh words in Baldwin Park

I wrote this story in Saturday’s paper about an investigation into whether Baldwin Park Councilman Ricardo Pacheco berated a department head in a recent telephone conversation.

Since I couldn’t fit everything into the story, I thought I’d throw a couple of other quotes here on the blog.

Mainly, Mayor Manuel Lozano had some harsh words for Pacheco, with Lozano comparing his fellow peer to council members in South Gate who landed in jail.

“(Pacheco) was highly trained in South Gate on how to play dirty politics,” Lozano said. “He’s no different than politicians in South Gate that ended up in prison.”

Lozano also said Pacheco has a history of berating employees — “I think at this point, he just got caught.”

Pacheco denies all of the allegations and said the entire City Council is conspiring against him because he filed intent forms to run against Lozano for the mayor’s spot in November.

  • Anonymous

    Pacheco is such a liar. Never disrespected anyone in the City in 10 years? I’ve heard and seen him do it.

  • Anonymous
  • Anon

    Cazadores is a brand of Tequilla from Mexico. He is wearing a coat with the name on it. The girl has the name on her tshirt. This was probably a promotional photo op. Either in BP or a sister city in Mexico. What is the real story behind this photo?

  • BP’er

    Just looking at Pacheco you know he’s shifty. He said to me he was going to look into a matter we spoke about. Nothing. Everytime he saw me, same story, same outcome. He made a bad check to someone I know and until he was threaten to be taken to the D.A. did he do something about it and then he never paid what he owed. We don’t need a Mayor like that in B.P.

  • Anonymous

    Pacheco was once involved in Bell. Now that mayor’s house had a huge drug lab. What is up with these politicians. They are out of control.it seems that they are power hungry and have gone crazy. All over, from city to city.

  • Lozano Gone

    The mayor is worried that Pacheco is going to win the election. Let’s clear up the shit the mayor keeps throwing out on south gate. I know first hand that Pacheco was there after they cleaned up the city council and his job was not city councilman it was public works director. Let’s ask the mayor why he had his own brother go down there and work at south gate by pulling strings for his brother to get a job. It is also questionable why the mayor is the only secret wittness who said Pacheco told the mayor about the conversation to the police chief. I’am really surprised that Pacheco would give the mayor anything knowing the mayor hates Pacheco and will be running against him. If the mayor and Bejarano knew the law anything the mayor says about that conversation is hearsay and can’t be used for anything. The investigation is a joke just like the chief and this council they must go in NOV..


    This bad check deal couldn’t be with the loser Bill Hernandez who can’t seem to keep a job or out of financial trouble could it. I hear he and Casonova really took the chamber of commerce for a lot of money. I hear Hernandez still tries to get buddy deals with the city council also. If he wants to bring out the check false rumors I’am betting we can fill a page of real dirt on his past and shady deals.

  • Anonymous

    Gee I am sure that there are a lot of skeletons hidden in the closet on the West Covina council. They are just better of covering it up. Check out their contribution files. Mighty interesting information.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about skeletons in the closet, check on West covina’s mayor. i hear this guys got alot of stuff hidden that will come out pretty soon…now that’s interesting.