Temple City officials indicted

Reporters Amanda Baumfeld and Alfred Lee are covering all the courthouse drama surrounding Temple CIty Mayor Judy Wong, former Mayor Cathe Wilson and former City Council candidate Scott Carwile.

They were all indicted this morning on felony charges of bribery, perjury and other counts related to a corruption probe into their dealings with a local project developer.

This story is developing and we’re sure to have more later … for now, read the rest of the update here

  • Anonymous

    How soon will there be more news on Wong and Wilson. As a resident I feel that they both need to vacate their seats asap. Who in their right mind will trust them on anything? Our city looks bad. We are in the news all the time now. This is bad for our city.

  • Rudy

    Sad for Temple City but what about West Covina. They have a corrupt mayor with lots of issues, not to mention all the problems this guy causes with harassing employees and being sued by harassed employees, hostile work environment caused by their mayor. Soon more information on this guy and his buddies will come out. Investigate the West Covina Mayor.