BP park improvements move forward

28754-bppark.jpgDriving through Baldwin Park the other day I noticed some significant progress on Morgan Park.

City officials had originally planned for a million-dollar upgrade to the city’s most popular park. But when $600,000 in state bond money fell through the cracks because of budget cuts, the plans looked like they were going to be shelved.

Officials had said they would look into alternatives to complete the retrofit. Looks like it worked.

  • anonymous

    Baldwin Park is looking better than any other city. The city has worked to make our neighborhoods better. It takes time, but it is worth it.

  • Jake

    Congratulations BP! Balanced budget, best concerts in the valley and great community facilities. My grand kids love the skate park. Keep up the good work.

  • El Monte Res.

    Maybe my city can learn something from our neighbor! Please share your secrets.

  • Temple City

    Now that we lost one fool and two are to follow are any of you interested in coming to our city. We need some help asap

  • Tax payer

    I am proud to live on Baldwin Park. Our city looks great. Our property value has gone up. Visit our city. You will like it.

  • Grandma

    WOW! I’m proud to call Baldwin Park my home for over 22 years! How it’s changed fo the better! Way to go Mayor!!