• Anonymous

    Will these two women be forced to resign? What about the three seats that will be empty? Will they be appointed? Will the voters decide?

  • Temple

    Now what will happen at city hall? Will the two have to resign? Are their bank accounts and properties be taken by the DA? We deserve better. We can’t trust anyone, anymore.

  • Resident

    Temple City has hot to improve. We need sting leadership and a council that we can trust. Wong and Wilson are a embarresment to our city. The Sheriff better stop “Driving Miss Wilson.” around. She gets around just fine in the city. No more tax dollars spent on her.

  • Anonymous

    Have the mayor and councilwoman gone to court yet? Will they have to resign their posts? Wilson and Wong need to save face and leave. We will no longer trust them. Why they are still here is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Innocent until proven guilty.