Capra pleads guilty to campaign finance violation

This Temple City story just keeps getting better and better.

Alfred Lee’s story on now former Temple City Councilman David Capra really developed Wednesday as Capra pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor campaign finance reporting violation and then resigned from office.

Apparently Capra made the plea Tuesday and has been placed on 36 months probation. As part of the plea deal, he was also forced to resign and agreed not to run for public office again for four years.

Read Alfred’s full story here.

West Covina cuts budget deficit in half

Reporter Jennifer McLain will be following this today and will probably be posting more later, but she says the West Covina City Council managed to cut its estimated budget deficit for the next fiscal year from $9.5 million to about $5 million Tuesday night.

They were also able to salvage some programs.

So long Temple City Mayor David Capra

12508-davidcapra.jpgBreaking news from Star-News reporter Alfred Lee:

Mayor David Capra has resigned, the city announced this morning.

Capra is among the 3 council members investigated by a grand jury after a developer alleged he and the 2 others asked for bribes in exchange for smooth approval of the Piazza project.

He’s also had health problems.

Alfred will following this story today.

Lawsuit updates in West Covina

West Covina City Council is meeting tonight. It is also having a special session meeting, where it is scheduled to talk about the following:

– Anticipated litigation by Sue Williams, public information officer

– Existing litigation by Community Development Director Chris Chung

Conference with labor negotiations that includes talks with all West Covina labor unions, including WC Police Officers Association, WC Police Management Association, WC Firefighters’ Association and Management Association

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