West Covina commissioner puts funky home colors on blast

31242-purple house.jpg

Ever drive through a neighborhood and notice homes that are painted lime green, bright purple or even pastel pink?

In West Covina, Planning Commissioner Robert Sotelo is trying to stop residents from painting their houses with such bright colors.

Ben Baeder is working on a story about Sotelo’s mission — “I would not really like to have a pink house or a lime-green house next to me,” Sotelo said.

Apparently, enforcing such a rule isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

In Lauderhill, Fla., the city in 2003 forced the owner of a purple house to repaint the home with colors that complied with the city’s guidelines.

We’ll see what West Covina decides. Look for Baeder’s story in this week’s paper.

(FYI, the photo above isn’t from West Covina … just a purple house somewhere in the U.S. … but you get the picture)