Another one bites the dust


Looks like Irwindale is losing two city executives to retirement.

Along with City Manager Robert Griego, Police Chief Sol Benudiz is also retiring.

Benudiz’s last day is Dec. 31, after which he will continue on as an interim chief until the city can find his permanent replacement.

It will be three years in September since Benudiz took the role of heading up the department.

He said his decision to leave has nothing to do with officials’ recent interest in the Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services.

“This entire experience has been very, very good,” Benudiz said. “I’m very happy that I came here.”

Benudiz said he does not have another job lined up, but is looking forward to opportunities in government or in the private sector in the future.

“I have relatively young children and I’m relatively young and I don’t own an RV,” he said. “The traditional retirement model of jumping in an RV and traveling doesn’t really apply.”


  • Gilman

    So if I understand correctly, these two senior city staff members will receive a retirement package paying them probably somewhere in the $200,000 a year range…..and then the city will pay them another $10,000-20,000 per month to stay on until a replacement is hired?

    What a scam…no wonder our State is so financially challenged…oops, I mean screwed up!