Politicians join fire fight

Regular city hall reporting has taken a back seat to ongoing fire coverage over the last week.

But that doesn’t mean our local politicians haven’t made their presence known during this massive effort to contain the Station Fire, which continues to burn in the Angeles National Forest.

In fact, at least one area city council member was among the thousands of people with homes threatened by the Station Fire’s relentless flames, which have burned more than 140,000 acres.

La Caada Councilman Greg Brown was seen cutting shrubs and removing brush from his home on Vista Miguel Drive last weekend, according to reporter Thomas Himes.

“It came right to my neighbors back fence,” Brown told Himes. “That’s where firefighters created a boundary.”

Councilman Dave Spence helped Brown in his efforts. And together, the two helped maneuver hoses as firefighters ignited back fires in the area to help contain the blaze.

At one point, Spence said the flames got so close to homes, “you could feel the heat on your face.”

No pictures, please


Regular beat reporting has taken a back seat to ongoing fire coverage the past week, but here’s a little tidbit out of the Diamond Bar City Council election:

S. Dhand is one of seven people running for two spots on the Diamond Bar City Council.
But don’t expect to see a picture of him anytime soon.

The West Covina-based physician — who has been practicing medicine for nearly three decades — wasn’t too keen on providing his photo when reporter James Wagner asked him for it.

Dhand told Wagner he didn’t think it was appropriate.

The political newcomer has been a Diamond Bar resident for 28 years, and isn’t affiliated with any political groups or leaders.

He’ll face two incumbents in the Nov. 3 election.

Wonder what is campaign mailers will look like?