Election violation in West Covina

It appears West Covina City Council candidates Fred Sykes and Colleen Rozatti have been using the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder County Seal on their campaign literature.

Both candidates were sent letters dated Sept. 29 by the County Registrar office demanding them to ceast and desist use of the seal.

“Such use is likely to cause confusion and mislead the public into mistakenly believing the statements have been made sponsored, endorsed or are otherwise affiliated with the Registrar,” the letter states.

Skyes said the seal is included on every candidate’s campaign filing statement.

“Instead of transferring that on a different paper, made a copy of it and used it to campaign in the city,” Sykes said. “I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone.”

He plans to make new campaign statements.

Rozatti could not be reached for comment.

  • Anonymouse

    Freakin’ idiots. If they’re going to steal government logos, why not go with the President’s logo? You know, something with a little more teeth.

  • No Duh

    Yeah they must be freakin idiots or just dumb and dumber.

  • Questionable Actions

    Hey isn’t that Sykes guy a retired sheriff or something and his side kick chick Rosati a teacher? So why would they do something so stupid and underhanded???? Seems to me they know better…

  • West Covina Watcher

    Fred retired young must be nice -Why did he retire so young? and what is in the purse he always has around his waist?

  • West Covina esident

    Fred Sykes how long were you a baliff in Court and you didn’t know you couldn’t use your employers seal the County Seal of Los Angeles for political purposes. Are you slow or stupid? Is this what you bring to the Council if elected just say you stupid, I didn’t know I can’t misuse our seal. It’s more then the seal he altered the document the info is not what and how the sample ballot will read. Fred Sykes quit your lies and quit the race your an embarassment to the City, The County and the former honest Deputies we have.

  • Voter

    The point that Sykes forgets HE ALTERED THE COUNTY DOCUMENT.

    Not only are the two of them out spreading lies, they are missleading people with false documents.

    Please don’t play stupid and say “I didn’t know”.

    That would make a real good leader. A stupid one. No thanks.

  • JoHn S.

    What does Rosati teach ? I thought She sold homes ?
    Also someone told me She parks her car on her front lawn now please people does she really do that? How about someone anyone tell us the truth about my questions

  • Rudy

    Investigate the West Covina Gang of Four.
    Mike, Steve, Sherri and Shellie.
    These are the real crooks. They’re going down soon.
    And keep their puppies on a short leash.

    DA investigate the corruption in West Covina by
    the gang of four.

  • OOPS

    Oh Rudy I think Fred and Colleen are in some deep dudee. They are the ones needing to be investigated for their shananigans…misleading the people again and again.

  • Just the Facts

    Rudy, the DA and the County Counsel are investigating Fred Sykes and Colleen Rozatti plus the Yes on Measure D group for there illeagal flyers and the altered County Document they did. Sorry Rudy wrong again.

  • Voter

    You know Rudy, these people you speak of have been on council for years and in the community for their entire lives. They are honest, upstanding, hard working people. If they are as you say they would have been in trouble a long time ago.

    You really need to get up to date with your information. There is a guy, along with Alhassen that sued these people and two courts and four judges said the guys suing were wrong.

    As far as the counicl challengers, one has some issues on his department record, hence no job advancement and the other must lie to get anyone to listen to her. They are know in the community for their manipulative childish ways.

    But you drank the koolaid. Enjoy!!!