El Monte city manager could be axed over arrest

Jim Mussenden’s Thursday night arrest for allegedly trying to pick up a prostitute doesn’t seem to be sitting well with those in City Hall and the El Monte Police Department.

The City Council is holding a special meeting Saturday at 12:30 at City Hall to discuss:

Consideration in closed session of performance evaluation of City Manager James W. Mussenden and consideration of employee discipline/dismissal/release

Afterward, they’ll be discussing:


Looks like officials are wasting no time separating themselves from this. Even El Monte Police Chief Tom Armstrong had something to say about the whole matter:

“It is my expectation that it will be dealt with swiftly and immediately. I don’t speak on behalf of the City Council, but I fully expect them to take action as swiftly as possible. I don’t think they will find this tolerable,” Armstrong said.

  • el monte resident

    Council better not act stupid with this as they have in the past with Ernie Guitierrez unmoral and unethical behavior! Get rid of him!
    “Are you listening Emily, Pat, Jay, Art, and you too Ernie (when you sober up)?”

  • J

    Without a doubt a bad thing! Now we shall remember that everyone has made a mistake or two in their own lives. It is very easy to judge. Nobody is perfect and who knows why he chose to make this bad decision. Before we throw him to the wolves, let’s not forget the good he has done for the City and the many other peoples lives he has touched. This man will pay mostly to his family and God.

  • Another El Monte Resident

    This man has possibly made a mistake. Before the rush to judgment, let us not forget all the good work James Mussenden has done for this city and the many service organizations. He has been a man that has truly dedicated himself to his job and others. He has made many hard decisions to try and keep this city afloat in these straining economic times. No matter how this ends for Mr. Mussenden. We as residents owe him a debt of gratitude for his long standing dedication and hard work. I will pray for him and his family.

  • http://concerned concerned

    The City Council will, know doubt, review all of this and make a thoughtful and right decision. However, those responsible should have a serious talk with the Police Chief, it is not his place to make the type of remarks he made to the SGVT, as a law enforcement professional he should know that his statement condemns the man before he has had his date in court, is this the way he treats all suspects? The Police Chief works for the City Manager and should learn to keep his mouth shut for a change!

  • Anonymous

    Just Curious.

    I cannot say that City Hall might not be a better place with the “Moose” but here’s my question:

    If he was arrested in Pomona and lives in Gendora. Why would the Pomona Police feel the need to report the incident to the El Monte Police Department or to anyone in the media for that matter?

    Are we to understand that when you are arrested that in addition to showing your residence informaiton, the police ask you where you work and what your job title is?

    Here’s my point, while Jim can only blame himself for putting himself in this situation, it does seem a bit fishy that the Pomona Police felt the need to notify a sister agency which has no reason to be notified. I mean did the police departments for the several dozen odd other cities that the people arrested work (not live) get notified about those arrests too?

  • Anonymous

    Why was it reported to the El Monte Police, because they all work together, El Monte Police have wanted to get rid of the City Manager ever since the cuts were made as if it was his fault that the police would not take a cut in pay as EVEN THE LOWEST PAYING PEOPLE DID?

  • calwatch

    Probably because all of the other arrestees are not notable. The arrest logs ARE public.

  • voter

    Pomona PD didn’t report it to El Monte PD… As with anytime these types of enforcement details are conducted, a press release with the names, ages, and cities of residence for all arrested were released to the press. Doesn’t take much for an observant reporter to catch a name like his on a list like that, verify it with the arresting agency and run with it.

  • Anonymous

    I understand the information is public, but how would his name unless be anymore notable than someone elses name. I bet before this weekend, most people in El Monte couldn’t tell you his name.

    Again, just a tad fishy.

  • ememployee

    Of course its fishy, that EMPD is making a big deal over this incident with Jim, when just this past April, SGT. Mike Providente from EMPD was driving under the influence and committed a hit and run in Alhambra. I do not recall EMPD making a big deal or making judgment of Sgt. Provident as they have with Jim. Both Sgt. Provident and City Manager Jim Mussenden committed crimes, only Providente put people’s lives in danger when he was driving intoxicated and Mussenden endangered his wife’s health with seeking hookers (I hope his wife gets some test done … who knows how many times he has gone to hookers). Shame on you both and especially EMPD!

  • Anonymous

    To error is human, I am sure this was done on his time and not the time of the City of El Monte. People who live in glass houses should not through stones. Knowone is perfect and let Jim deal with this on his own and with his family, and after that let him address the citizens of El Monte. He is a good man and just went down the wrong path at that time. Everyone deserves a second chance, it was not murder or mistreatment of animals so do not judge him the same. Good Luck Jim

  • anonymous

    Pomona is so corrupt. You have NO idea. Lets leave it a that

  • Vote November 3
  • Voter Beware

    VOTE, BUT…….




  • Voter Beware


    Number of Violent Crimes in El Monte

    Year End 2006 – 628 Violent Crimes

    October 9, 2007 – El Monte City Council votes to give the POA a 18 3/4% raise over three years.

    Year End 2007 – 686 Violent Crimes

    Year End 2008 – 800 Violent Crimes

    March 2009 – 17 Officers laid off

    October 2009 – There are no FBI crime stats for 2009 but it has been reported that violent crime is down.

    Question: If more money for police is the answer why did crime SPIKE the year after we gave them a 18 3/4% raise? (Can we ask for our money back since we didn’t get what we were promised by giving them this raise)

    Question: How can the layoffs be blamed for 2008 crime stats when the layoffs didn’t happen until March 2009?

    Observation: Isn’t it funny how crime is actually down in 2009 even with the layoffs. Maybe once certian officers realized their job security was no different than anyone esles, they started working harder.

    Observation: Maybe the generous raise given on October 9, 2007 has made it too expensive to hire officers since many make over $100,000 not including benefits.

    Maybe if they agreed to sacrifice instead of play politics or trying to connect the old City Manager’s problems with something that has nothing to do with the city budget problems we would be farther along in terms of restoring this city.

  • El Monte Voter

    When you mark your ballots, see who is endorsing and financing the candidates campaigns. The employee unions (Poa, SEIU and Fire Dept. Local 1014) are not going to put their time and money behind a candidate unless they expect a grand return. Vote for candidates that will represent the citizens, not the unions. The police and fire dept. don’t care about public safety. They have shown us that their concern is about their salaries and benefits.

  • Hookers on HOLT

    They really needed to do this sting. The hooker problem on Holt has gotten out of control. People have families here and it seems as if the Pomona PD has abandoned us to fend for ourselves against these hookers, their pimps and the johns.

  • Anonyous

    Richard Thomas wonders where the $13 million went…he receives a pension of $120,000 and is still collecting a salary from the police department,don’t they ever retire? …Dah, the City Treasurers job is to advise the council, they do not have to act on his advice, and he has no vote. As far as being at council meetings, he is represented by the Head of the Finance Committee, as does Tom Armstrong represent the Police Department, the heads of the departments sit at the Dias, the treasurer does his work before the meetings and presents this to the council…I work at City Hall, and you can swear in any of the employees and they will tell you that he is there and represents His office at almost all of the City events. Mr. Thomas get a CLUE.

  • Anonymous

    Richard Thomas, x sergeant with the police department is making $120,000 a year in pension and still accepting a salary from the Police Department and he blames the City treasurer for the $13 Million loss of funds…Dah,…the City Treasurer only invests funds that are available…If Thomas wants to run for the job, he better find out what the job entails, and he said he had to budget his checkbook…. 6 wives,and 5 divources would make you have to do that, even with $120,000 plus coming in from the taxpayers of El Monte who make an average of $34,000 a year….As far as being at the council meeting, does Thomas go there to represent the Police Department, No the Chief does, as does the head of the Finance Department represent the treasurers department, only the department heads sit on the Dias, another thing he does not know, the treasurer does his job before the meeting and presents it to the council, please get a clue if you want to run for the job…he hasn’t voted in the city yet, moved here in March and knows it all.

  • http://laura laura gonzalez

    this jim mussenden is currpt hope you are reading this message jim remember this when i confronted you face to face that i was going to nail you sooner or later for picking up hookers on garvey ave and now you paying for it. remember when you where code inforcement working with sherol hayes citing me for my cars parked in my driveway and citing me for a sealed garage door and having a shower in the garage. and that goes for the rest of the code enforcment remember payback is a bitch.