Ron Calderon’s interesting goodbye


This tale comes from reporter James Wagner:

There’s a difference between reporting politics locally and covering it in Sacramento.

On the Senate floor, to get a legislator’s attention, you hand the guards your business card and they pass it along to whom you’re hoping to talk to.

So last week, while covering a bill that would essentially allow the proposed NFL stadium in Industry to proceed, I asked to speak to a local Senator who co-authored the bill, Ron Calderon, D-Montebello.

Calderon came to the back of the Senate chamber to speak to me with my card in hand.

But after a few minutes of questioning, as we stood quietly while I jotted down his comments, he took my card, stuffed it into my jacket’s front pocket and walked away.

I guess he thought I was done asking my questions. I wasn’t.

  • Gilman

    As always, a class act. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get rid of these idiots????

  • Bob Jimenez

    Write me. I’ll get you another interview.

  • Anonymous

    Tell Wagner he needs to write faster.

  • Watching You!

    in light of the recent State elected official’s ‘open-mouth insert foot’ about his sexual affair w/ a lobbyist.. why hasn’t anyone looked into or confronted Ron’s long-time affair with one very attractive lobbyist. its about time this fat-cat (just look at his picture, way too many dinners, scotches and golf games) gets found out and banned from any political office. I’m tired of seeing low IQ people setting my policy and governing our lives… all at taxpayer expense!