Huff defends Senate procedural vote

I spoke with state Sen. Bob Huff Wednesday, who was less than pleased over allegations he had a conflict of interest when casting a vote in the Senate last week.

The vote in questions was a procedural one to help move an environmental bill to the Senate floor. Problem is, that environmental bill — which passed — will exempt a proposed NFL stadium in Industry from state environmental laws.

Members of the Citizens for Community Preservation Inc., which has a lawsuit filed against the stadium, said the vote was unethical because of Huff and his wife’s involvement with Industry and the stadium’s developer, Majestic Realty.

Huff called the allegations “about as bogus as the lawsuit,” and said he consulted with legal counsel, who told him there was, in fact, no conflict.

Huff said he originally was not going to participate in the vote at all. But then he was asked to step in, and even the Senate President — along with others — told him there was no legal conflict.

He didn’t vote when the bill finally hit the Senate floor.

  • Step Aside!

    Blah, Blah, Blah!

  • CaliforniaIsTheNewMussoliniEraRome

    The state continues to absorb the planning power that used to belong to cities. All so Sacramento can peddle it to the billionaire developers of the California. Pay to play, the sacramento way.

  • James I Flournoy

    Legally Huff may get a pass
    I understand that the Citizens have filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices commission (FPPC)

    Ethically Huff failed to live up to community standards.
    Huff’s wife works for Pacific Palms which is owned by Majestic and Rotski.
    California is a “Community Property State”

    Huff had said he was conflicted but when faced with the choice of following the rules or Suspending the Rules Huff voted to Suspend the rules thus bypassing sending the bill to committies which would have given it the hearings it deserved.

    Bob Huff must resign.

    “Huff said he originally was not going to participate in the vote at all.” This was the correct choice

    “But then he was asked to step in,”
    By whom Steinberg? Romero?
    and Why?
    Because if he had not fallen on his sword for Majestic the vote would have failed.

    Senate leadership should re-examine its procedures if Huff’s allegations are even remotely true about their turning a blind eye to his behaviour.

    Who’s legal counsel did he consult?
    Getting political cover does not make his vote ethical.

    Bob Huff must resign.