La Puente council candidate fights for free healthcare


Based on one of her campaign mailers, it feels like La Puente City Council candidate Renee Chavez is running for higher office.

Chavez recently sent out a flier promising she would fight for “free healthcare.”

Last time I checked, the healthcare debate was between Congress and the White House.

I’m not sure what Chavez could do locally to provide free healthcare to residents in La Puente, but if she’s elected, maybe she’ll tell us.

  • La Puente Lookout

    Really? How sad and pathetic can you get? She continues to run because her husband tells her to, makes ridiculous promises she knows she can never keep (if she is even aware of what goes into her mailers), and she continues to lose. Please Renee, just stop.

  • My Dog Spot

    Does anyone know why the DA was at La Puente City Hall today?

  • Moron

    Yeah…let all the taxes from the “rich people” pay for all the La Puente losers who can’t take care of themselves.

    Tell me: Does it hurt physically to be this stupid?

  • Anonymouse

    Hell, why doesn’t she also promise to keep Iraq from becoming a nuclear power and start a colony on the moon. Might as well. She’s already promising things she can’t possibly provide.

  • Bassett Voter

    Chavez is a joke. She also whined about the Sheriff stealing $500K from the City and asked in a mailer, “who’s watching our money at City Hall?” Funny, that would have been your job Ms. Chavez as you were on the Council when the money was stolen and the theft discovered in 2007! You also voted for the “sewer tax” you whine against in another mailer. Finally, why do you fool voters with your mailers that make it appear that Paul Solano and Robert Fuentes from the Bassett School Board and Lola Storing from the LP City Council are running with you or support you. They don’t, I called them and they were very unhappy with your deception. Don’t be fooled, Chavez did nothing in 4 years on the Council, we can do better! Oh yea, exactly how is a dental assistant (a health care provider in Chavez’s mailers) going to provide free health care? Maybe she means free teeth cleaning for the masses?

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    Is the DA’s investigation in Louie Lujan getting closer?

  • Lujan?

    The DA’s investigation in Louie Lujan is getting real interesting.