To meet or not to meet

West Covina’s gone and done it again.

For the second year in a row, the city has scheduled a council meeting on the night of an election — last year it was the presidential election, this year, it’s the local municipal election.

There’s only one item on the agenda for Tuesday night, an update on a senior housing project.

Mayor Roger Hernandez
told reporter Amanda Baumfeld he’s been asking to discuss this before the council for months — but he didn’t want to do it on election night.

Hernandez said even though he is opposed to meetings on election night, he can’t cancel the meeting without a majority of the council agreeing to it.

Councilman Mike Touhey said Hernandez can cancel the meeting, and accused him of setting a double standard.

  • Joe

    OMG, Hernandez is at it again. Can’t this guy just keep his mouth shut? He is the biggest trouble maker in the history of politics.

    The council already voted to keep the meetings as scheduled and this guy still throws a fit.

    He needs to do something else in life since he clearly cannot get along with anyone and is so unprofessional.

    He has so much baggage endorsements will run away from him screaming. I would predict he will crash and burn in the political world very soon.

  • What a Joke

    The Mayor is crying again, when the only thing to be discussed is his item. Seems to me he could of moved or postponed his item to another meeting. Your a joke Mr. Mayor and everyone knows it.

  • Anonymous

    all of them are bums and all of them talk trash they should all just leave

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the entire city council should pay more attention to the meeting schedules at the beginning of each year. Other elected bodies plan a year in advance to change meeting dates to avoid conflicts with holidays and other important events.

    If Hernandez was a real leader and not just an individual who has to have any type of ego boost by having his name in the paper, positive or negative this would not have happened.