Longtime school board member Fuller exits with grace

After losing his seat Tuesday in the West Covina Unified School District school board race, George Fuller took defeat with grace and a sense of professionalism.

He lost to challenger Eileen Jimenez and incumbent Jessica Shewmaker.

“Ms. Shewmaker has done a good job and I assume she will continue to do so. I really do congratulate her for what she has done. I would like to say it has been a real pleasure to serve the community. I appreciate those who have supported me over the years. I look forward to serving the community in years to come and really appreciate that.”

Fuller, upon reflection, felt his stance on a contract issue with San Jose Edison Academy may have been his stalling point. He took an unpopular stance, he said, which may have given fuel to Jimenez’s campaign.

  • Anonymous

    We wish George the best. He did not play politics with education.

    George’s loss was simple – Edison allowed Jimenez and Miracle to use student rosters in violation of state law. When you have the site administrator allowing campaigning on campus and giving out parents work numbers you get an illegal advantage.

    When you have the school making it mandatory to put out signs or walk the neighborhood someone will win and someone will lose.

    Hopefully, the new board majority will not bankrupt the rest of the district to satisfy the greed of the corporation.