Fond farewell

By the time you read this, I’ll almost be gone.

Sounds like an opening line to a bad runaway note, but it’s the truth.

This is the last blog entry I’ll be writing for the Tribune as I’m moving on from journalism to that other side of information sharing — internal communications at USC’s health sciences department. My last day here is actually today. In in about four hours, my last shift will be over.

It’s been a crazy two and half years here filled with missteps, personal growth, opportunity and of course loads of experience.

I’ve been working in professional newspapers since I was 19, but I have to say no newsroom has been quite like this one. Working in the San Gabriel Valley gave me a crash course in real crime, real politics and real people.

And now it’s really time to go. This isn’t to say I won’t ever return to journalism (readers out there are either smiling or cringing at that thought) — journalism and writing has always been my passion.

It’s the art of storytelling that compels me. But for now, the transition is right for me and my future.

Lucky for you, it isn’t the end of this column or the blog. City Editor Ben Baeder will be taking over and he’s already got a list of ideas of to flesh out.

He’ll also have the help of the rest of the reporters in the newsroom for inspiration.

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