Ousted councilman files unemployment claim against Rosemead

From reporter Rebecca Kimitch:

Former City Councilman John Nunez has been collecting unemployment since he lost his job as councilman when voters ousted him in March.

Nunez has so far collected $11,250 in unemployment, and the city continues to pay him $450 a week, according to City Manager Jeff Allred.

City officials objected to Nunez’s unemployment request in March, but the Employment Development Department said the city has to pay, Allred said.

“We have the ability to question and contest a request and we did that. It’s not a traditional employment situation,” Allred said. “But the determination to grant a request is solely that of the EDD.”

Nunez served on the council for four years before he lost his bid for reelection, coming in last among six candidates for three seats. While on the council he was paid $2,318 a month.

Allred said he has never heard of an ousted elected official making an unemployment claim “but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened before.

  • no bias whatsoever

    I’m sure no one will accuse the new city editor of bias, just because the first two stories we see out of Rosemead were critical of Maggie Clark’s political enemies? Entirely coincidental, I’m sure.

    I’m sure the next two stories will be critical of Maggie and her allies. I’m looking forward to stories about the $800,000 in community redevelopment money to cure the “blight” of a track on Rosemead High School, and about Steven Ly lobbying for and voting for a city ordinance that increased the value of the home he’s (allegedly) living in by tens of thousands of dollars.

  • The Truth

    Be real and forget about what you think Maggie is doing wrong.

    Nunez should not be collecting unemployment. (and another period)

    More fleecing by the three amigos……..

  • Anonymous

    Forget that Maggie and her friends voted themselves a lifetime of “free” health insurance, paid for by the taxpayers of Rosemead?

    Must be nice to be the queen, and have sycophants who don’t want to look too carefully at all the money you’re costing the city.

    Stop looking at former elected officials and look at what the current ones are doing to our city.