Walnut gets monster property tax bill

Walnut recently got a bill from the state ‘s Department of Finance is asking for $4.6 million from the city’s redevelopment agency.

But there’s a problem: the city’s agency earned only $4 million all year.

For some reason, the state thinks Walnut’s redevelopment agency raked in $21 million this year, according to city documents.

A spokesman for the California controller’s office said he is checking to find out what happened.

Walnut’s Finance Director Chris Londo said the city has a $4 million yearly cap on what goes into its redevelopment agency. She said, under the guidelines spelled out by the state, the city should only owe $1.6 million.

Cities use redevelopment agencies to capture property taxes and reinvest them in the community.

The state is currently asking all cities to send over some of the money for education funds.

Cities are suing the state to stop it from taking money for education, and have won similar battles in the past.