La Puente adopts marijuana law

The city is allowing only six marijuana dispensaries, according to a law passed Tuesday night.
The council unanimously passed the ordinance, which also calls for security at dispensaries.

The law is similar to those passed in other cities, but there is an interesting aside to this one.

Mayor Louie Lujan and council members Nadia Mendoza and Dan Holloway in 2006 took about $4,000 in contributions and mailers from the political action committee “Coalition for a Safe and Clean Environment,” which is mostly composed of people dedicated to the legalization of marijuana. The friends on the PAC’s myspace page was full of marijuana-related organizations.
And Lujan’s little brother, Philip, was among the leaders of the PAC. Lujan has repeatedly said the PAC’s donation had nothing to do with his votes on marijuana issues.
I don’t suppose it’s any different than a council member voting on a development after taking money from a developer, which happens all the time.