Rosemead chickens to fly the coop?

From Staff Writer, Rebecca Kimitch:

The City Council will decide today (Tuesday) when and how to kick a controversial poultry slaughterhouse out of town.
Council members could decide to follow the Planning Commission’s recommendation to send Chinese American Live Poultry packing by the end of the year, or it could give the business three years to move, as suggested by city staff.
Animal slaughter has been banned in the city since 2001.
However, since CAL Poultry first opened in 1991, when slaughterhouses were allowed, the facilities were grandfathered in and allowed to stay. Today’s ordinance would strip that away while deciding when to close CAL Poultry.
CAL Poultry offers customers freshly killed chickens and ducks, slaughtered on site — a preferred option for many Asian American and Latino residents, according to CAL Poultry’s owners.
But the slaughterhouse has been cited multiple times for violations to air quality, water quality and health codes. And neighbors have complained of odors coming from the facilities and escaped chickens wandering the neighborhood.
City officials have debated in recent years whether to shut the business down or allow it to remodel its facilities to better mask odors.
Owner Dana Phu has said the business would mount a legal challenge against any forced closure.

– Blogger’s note: There’s another place like this on Telegraph Road in unincorporated South Whittier. I think it’s called Sing Lee Poultry and Seafood.