I’m looking for a partner to open a snack shop in La Puente

La Puente has approved nine marijuana dispensaries:

If you have nine snack machines available, please call me. I have some great locations lined up.

Here’s the first part of reporter James Wagner’s story, which comes out Wednesday:

The city has approved nine business licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries despite a proposed city ordinance that caps the number at six.
One city official said La Puente’s strict code, which goes into effect Friday, will force out dispensaries that can’t keep up with the city’s numerous building, health and safety rules.

Then Louie Lujan says the city’s law will “weed” out the clinics.

  • The Big Hommie

    What’s next, crack houses? It seems no one at city hall knows what they are doing, not the dirty politicians nor the bozo planner. Why do poor cities accept dope businesses in its back yard? I’ll tell you why, it is because of CORRUPTION!

    Might as well let the “BIG Hommies” up in Pelican Bay start regulating the dope businesses in the city, they already regulate the dope business in the streets of La Puente.