West Covina is cooler than me

West Covina is getting hip with the kids.
The city launched a survey site to see how it can reach the people through social networking Web sites, such as Facebook or MySpace.

Here’s the link

Does anybody use Bebo?

  • A concerned WC Resident

    How about more coverage on the soap opera that appears to be going on at WC City Hall, WCPD, and the DA’s office?

    Read the comments under the story about WC Lt. Retires.

    This seems to have a need for a good investigative reporter.

  • show me the money

    What we need is a investigative repoter to look into the 460 forms of the concerned citizens for a better west covina or the ccwc.talk about a ******* soap opera. it’s a ******* mess.Hate to be Dana Sykes right now!!

  • It was Roger the whole time

    Looks like all the committees Yes on D = Concerned Citizens for a better West Covina, California’s Against corrupt Politicians, Fred Sykes Campaign and Colleen Rozatti Campaign were paid for and funded by Roger Hernandez for Assembly Campaign Consultant and Roger himself. All the same Print House, Mail House and Consultant all just by chance you think? All not fully reported just by chance? All in debt just by chance?

  • Roger is Corrupt

    Roger is illegally controlling these committees. It is illegal to control a committee if you are an elected official.

    Simply following the money trail will peak curiosity at the DAs office.

    we all should file complaints with the DAs office about this one.

  • Whatevs….

    If it is illegal to control a committee if you’re an elected official, then Steve Herfert should be in cuffs now for the West Covina Senior Citizens Taxpayers Association, Jesus, Roger must be a pretty powerful guy, because according to your logic, he also controls the committees of Touhey , Sanderson and Lane since they all use the same mail house and data service company. Isn’t that your logic behind your assertion.

    By the way, 80% of America is in debt. But I’m sure you wouldn’t know about that because Touhey pays you a healthy salary to sit in your mom’s house in your underwear to troll the blogs and talk a bunch of smack you probably have no real knowledge of.

    Get a life, and a clue. After you do that, shut the “front door.”