Is the budget ax about to fall in West Covina?

It looks like everybody’s pay is up for discussion at tonight’s West Covina City Council meeting.

Here’s a news brief.

The City Council today will negotiate labor contracts with representatives from various city agencies.

The Council will meet in closed session with contract negotiators from the Police Management Association, Police Officers’ Association, General Employees, Confidential Employees, Maintenance and Crafts Employees, Non-Sworn Safety Support Officers, Firefighters’ Association, Firefighters’ Management Association and Mid-Management Association, according to city documents.

The police chief, assistant city clerk, fire chief, assistant city manager, director of Human Resources, director of the Community Development Commission, planning director, community services director, city engineer, deputy city manager engineer, finance director and the director of risk management will also negotiate their contracts in closed session, according to city documents.

Citizens can address the Council at 5:45 p.m., according to city documents.

  • Jane Doe

    Seems to me that you could cut the Chief Wills salary since he is making 15,000 and not putting his life on the life in the streets but rather sits behind a desk
    Ever think of cutting the top first, why is Wills promoting men when there is a money crisis??? Especially to higher positions with higher pay. Then only his choosen few.
    Use simple logic and cut the top if you need but the men on the street that risk their lives NO and remember you each one of you need those men at one time or another.

  • The Big Hommie

    I hope your crappy city goes bankrupt! You guys SUCK! It’s good wc is in the toilet. At least the Sheriff Department kicks ass over your corrupt police agency.