La Puente’s Lujuan charged with perjury, pleads not guilty

This from the DA’s office:

La Puente Mayor Louie Lujan was arraigned and pleaded not guilty today to one count of perjury stemming from an allegedly false report he filed in February 2009 regarding campaign funds, the District Attorney’s Office announced.

Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman of the Public Integrity Division said that in the event that Lujan, 33 (dob 6/06/76), is convicted the defendant would be removed from office. Lujan, who was first elected to the La Puente City Council in 2001, would also be barred from holding future elective office.

Deputy District Attorney Huntsman filed the felony complaint for arrest warrant on Feb. 16. The defendant is next due in court on Feb. 25.

Lujan allegedly received and spent dozens of campaign contributions in 2008 but failed to report the contributions and expenditures.



  • Medical Patient

    I wonder if the charge is retaliation for La Puente city approving an ordinance to allow medicinal marijuana dispensaries to conduct business in La Puente.

  • The Big Hommie

    Good! It could not happen to a better theif, I mean a better person. Lugan is a punk who deserves what he gets. This is a criminal at work, a liar, and a devil in disguise. I hope they convict him and throw him out of office for good. He should make his way up to Pelican Bay with the “BIG HOMMIES” so they can teach Lugan how to be a better crook.

    First he brings in his marijuana stores, then he was planning to bring in crack houses to the city with the help of that bozo city planner and that other dummy, who thinks he is a community director. This is a criminal enterprise at work.

    Hey Lugan, shave off that rogain looking hair style. That is a nasty looking hair line.

  • The Big Hommie

    Next they need to go after Leon Garcia. We shall see him up in the Big House too.

  • Former Resident

    What the hell happen to La Puente… I leave for 10 years and it really has gone done hill. the Chavez’s, both Rene and Ed, use it, or try to use for higher office and instead bring the city down, all those marijuana dispensaries, and now this. So sad.

  • LP Resident

    The City approved 12 marijuana shops! Shame on the city council for making this dumb decision. Dan Holloway, Nadia Mendoza, and the other corrupt politician Mayor Louie Lujan all took thousands of dollars for their campaigns from these marijuana shops. It is no wonder why crime is “high” in our city.

  • The Big Hommie

    Those dumb people in city hall are all crooks, plain and simple. What’s next crack houses in the city?
    Let the “Big Hommies” up in Pelican Bay regulate those marijuana clincs, they already regulate the drug trade in the streets of La Puente.