Azusa Commissioner puts a down payment on conflict of interest

From reporter Daniel Tedford:

AZUSA — After taking steps to ensure it would have a full planning commission to vote on a new mining plan, the city will fall one member short just days before the matter is scheduled to be heard by the commission, officials said Monday.
Commissioner Jack Lee will “not be present” Wednesday at the meeting where commissioners will have their first opportunity to vote on a contentious new mining plan, officials said.
“It is very disappointing,” City Manager Fran Delach said. “I am sure there are those that will take this an opportunity to discredit whatever decision the commission makes.”
Lee is in escrow on a new home in the Mountain Cove community in Azusa, Delach said. The neighborhood is near to the mining project in question and would force Lee to abstain from voting, Delach said.
When reached by phone Monday, Lee declined comment.