Charged with perjury = no show

On Saturday, the La Puente City Council held a special meeting to discuss the future of the city and to set some goals. Nothing gripping.

Four of the five council members showed up, but freshly-indicted Mayor Louie Lujan didn’t.

Lujan pleaded not guilty Thursday to one count of perjury for filing an allegedly false campaign finance report, officials with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said.

Lujan, 33, is accused of failing to report money from a December 2008 fundraiser. He also failed to report how his campaign account spent the money, according to the criminal complaint.

If convicted, Lujan would be removed from office and barred from ever holding elected office again, prosecutors said.

There is a council meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, so residents may have a chance to see their mayor again. Or not.

  • The Big Hommie

    it is no wonder Lugan did not show up. What do you expect from a crook. Lugan should step down from his high horse and go into the sunset to die like the dog that he is. Do what is right for the community you filthy crook. Let the “Big Hommies” up in Pelican Bay take care of Mr. Lugan once he gets to jail. That is where this crook belongs. You might as well take the rest of the council with you. LUGAN SUCKS.