La Puente pot clinics to go up in smoke?

The City Council chambers were packed Tuesday as the council considered zoning laws to govern pot clinics:

From reporter James Wagner

LA PUENTE – After capping the number of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in the city at six last month, the City Council voted 4-0 Tuesday night to draft an ordinance to push them all out.

The city was scheduled to consider an ordinance that would limit how close the dispensaries could be to schools, parks and libraries.

But with a number of residents expressing concerns over the dispensaries and their effect on children, the council took a different direction.

Councilmen John Solis
and Dan Holloway moved to rid the city of the dispensaries.

“The residents have spoken,” said Councilman David Argudo, who has also opposed the dispensaries.

The city attorneys will draft an ordinance that bans medical marijuana dispensaries.