Former La Puente Mayor Lujan pleads guilty to perjury

LOS ANGELES – Former Mayor Louie Lujan on Thursday accepted three years probation and a $1,000 fine when he pleaded guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court to one felony count of perjury.

Lujan was accused of lying on a campaign finance form.

If Lujan rejected the deal and was convicted of perjury, he would have faced up to four years in prison. Either way, Lujan is barred from ever holding elected office again, officials said.

Lujan resigned from his position Wednesday.

After the hearing, Lujan’s attorney, Glen Jonas said his client was singled out for a minor infraction.

“If there was ever a benign form of perjury, this was it,” Jonas said.

He also said Lujan, who is Latino, was singled out because of his race.

“If you’re Hispanic and you fill out a form incorrectly, that’s it,” Jonas said.