Monterey Park’s Venti goes Old Testament

I’ve always wondered why Monterey Park Councilman Benjamin “Frank” Venti had that ponytail. Now I know why. Here’s a piece from reporter Daniel Tedford’s story about former Monterey Park Councilwoman Sharon Martinez being charged with several felonies.

Venti was happy to hear charges had been filed. When the mailer first appeared in 2007, Venti vowed to grow his hair out until the perpetrators were discovered.

“My hair grew and now I got to figure out a day when I am going to cut it and celebrate,” Venti said.

Venti said he ultimately hopes to find out what motivated the mailer.

“I think the motive is the most important thing,” Venti said. “Was it just to get me off the council? I doubt it. Was it a conspiracy of something else? That is what we have got to get to the bottom of.”

I love hair vows. They’ve been popular since the time of the Judges.

He then goes on to imply that there is more to be discovered.

Another mystery: Why would Venti ditch a cool name like Benjamin for a name like Frank?

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